Nasty Grind #21

Host: Lord Muck

Lord Muck unearths twenty rough scorchers on episode 21 of Nasty Grind, including demos, promos and stuff you can only find on cassette in Russia. Put your ear defenders on as you thrill to noisy slashers from The King Kongs, White Man Kamikaze, Haunted George, the Parents, Thee Milkshakes and Turkey Bones & the Wild Dogs. Lord Muck accepts no responsibility for perforated eardrums or auricular injury of any kind.


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  1. Lord Muck says:

    Pretty Baby – Thee Milkshakes
    Crusher – The King Kongs
    Peggy Sue Got Murdered – The Parents
    Smile At The Widows – White Man Kamikaze
    Got The Shakes – Split Lips
    I Love You So Much I Could… – [D-66]
    Big Black Hole – The Oblivians
    New York State Police – UK Subs
    Saturday Night In The City Of The Dead – Ultravox
    Fun In The UK – The Pop Rivets
    Goldfish – Turkey Bones & The Wild Dogs
    Hank Turns Blue – The Folk Devils
    Headcoat Lane – The Headcoats
    Cowboys Are Square – Thee Mighty Caesars
    Vindaloo – The Pussywillows
    Pit Of Death – Haunted George
    Mons Quiff – The Buff Medways
    Mumbling Beatnik – Eddie Angel
    The Beat From 20,000 Fathoms – The Strangemen
    Saddam – The King Kongs

    Bed: Caterpillar Crawl – The Strangers

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