The House of Wild Delights #3

Howd #3

The House of Wild Delights #3

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen for this third deadly episode of  THE HOUSE OF WILD DELIGHTS here on GaragePunk Pirate Radio, with your host The screamin’ Soul Preacher and a special lady guest tonite having together a death trip  and spinning killer records.

So get ready, you rockin’ ghouls and groovy zombies, to get out of your coffins and shake your bones wild ! Dead cool !!!

DOWNLOAD and die !

Here’s the playlist from beyond :

“Waitin’ around to die”- Townes Van Zandt

Bed : “Graveyard”- The Phantom Five

“Endless sleep”- Jody Reynolds
“Deep blue sea”- Ronnie Pearson
“Dance me to death”- Gary Driver
“When I’m gone”- Wayland Seals
“Six feet under”- Bob Fryfogle

Bed : “Epitaph for a driftin’ cowboy”- Haunted George

“Undertaker’s theme”- Dr. T and The Undertakers
“Graves in the desert”- Haunted George
“Just wanna die”- Pussy Galore
“Six feet below”- Black Time
“Six cold feet”- The Gories

Bed : Excerpt from the “Satan’s sadists” O.S.T.- Harley Hatcher
Bed : “Dante’s inferno”- Blues Magoos

“The Marble Orchard”- The Graveyard 5
“Black suit”- The Iguanas
“Exit 9”- The Heard
“I’m gone”- Continentals
“One pine box”- Royal Flairs

Bed : “Rigor mortis”- The Gravestone Four

“Graveyard rock”- Tarantula Goul
“Rockin’ in the graveyard”- Jackie Morningstar
“Graveyard cha cha”- The Three D’s
“Graveyard”- Leroy Bowman
“Dead”- The Poets

Bed : “Rigor mortis”- The Blue Notes

“Now that I’m dead”- Lamps
(“Fare thee well”- Evelyn Freeman)

Hope you enjoyed the show and you’ll come back for more deadly pleasures and fun in the graveyard.

Thanks for listening.

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