Savage Kick #69

The Final Episode

Continuing the tradition of lowdown and dirty rock’n’roll on the 69th episode of Savage Kick with music from the Wipers, the Saints, the Movie Star Junkies, Kentucky Knife Fight, the Manikins, the Rip Offs, the Four Slicks, Death, White Flame, the Crusaders, the Missing Links, the Dee Rangers and lots more. Let’s go in 69!




  1. admin says:


    Doctor Explosion – Let’s Go in 69 (The Subnormal Revolution of…/Get Hip)
    The Miracle Workers – Go Now (Inside Out/Voxx)
    The Riots – Broken Man (Love After/Sound Camera)

    Wipers – No Solution (The Wipers Box Set/Zeno)
    Pretty Things – Don’t Bring Me Down (The Pretty Things/Snapper)
    The Human Expression – Optical Sound (V/A: Garage Beat ’66 Vol. 5/Sundazed)
    The Bluestars – Social End Product (V/A: Nuggets II box/Rhino)
    The Missing Links – You’re Drivin’ Me Insane (Driving You Insane/Half a Cow)

    Movie Star Junkies – Dead Love Rag (Melville/Voodoo Rhythm)
    Kentucky Knife Fight – West 19 (The Wolf Crept, The Children Slept/no label)
    Pirate Love – The Lonely Streets (Black Vodoun Space Blues/Voodoo Rhythm)
    Tyvek (Tyvjk) – Air Conditioner (Fast Metabolism CD-R/no label)
    The Crusaders – She Wants More (Wave to the Grave/Off the Hip/Rastrillo)

    Death – Freakin Out (For the Whole World to See/Drag City)
    White Flame – American Rudeness (American Rudeness/Munster)
    The Customs – Long Gone (Real Long Gone/Shake It)
    The Saints – Kissin’ Cousins ([I’m] Stranded/EMI)
    Los Buenos – Woody Groovy (V/A: Sensational Soul/Vampi Soul)

    The Manikins – Savage (Agalmatophilia/Screaming Apple)
    The Statics – Sold My Soul (Punk Rock and Roll/Rip Off)
    Supercharger – Sissy Jerk (Goes Way Out!/Estrus)
    The Rip Offs – She Said Yeah (Got a Record/Rip Off)
    The Four Slicks – Show Me What You Got (In Bonneville/Slick)

    The Dee Rangers – Upside Down (7″/Bootleg Booze)

  2. rosawater says:

    GREAT SET! I been rockin’ that Death record on my own show all year. Rad shit. But I’m totally swiping White Flame from ya. TANX FOR THAT!!

  3. gary ranek says:

    hey it’s gary from edwardsville trying to find an easy way to get ahold of you. wanted to ask you about oblivians show and if you would be interested in trying to put on a midwest beat @ gut reactions show.

  4. david says:

    Good opening, with Doctor Explosion, from As-turiex planet, in Spain. I love them!

    As always great show! I know that 69 is a fun number, but we want more shows!

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