Savage Kick #68

The Subsonics, the Nevermores, Mac Blackout, the Mystery Girls, Vee Dee, the Spiders, the No-Talents, Link Wray, the Hypstrz, Le Face, the Torquays, Nobunny, the Spectors, the Long Strides, the Guilty Hearts, Bob Log III, the Hunches, Tree, the Booby Traps and more. REAL rock’n’roll for REAL rock’n’rollers. Any questions?



  1. admin says:

    Here’s the playlist:

    The Spiders – Furi Furi ’66 (Let’s Go Spiders!/Big Beat)
    Nobunny – Chuck Berry Holiday (Love Visions/Bubbledumb)
    Link Wray and His Ray Men – Drag Race (White Lightning: Lost Cadence Sessions ’58/Sundazed)
    The Nevermores – I Lost Lenore (Nevereverafter/TIRC)
    The Booby Traps – Bad Reaction (Makin’ it with the Booby Traps/Off the Hip)
    The Long Strides – Do it Again (The Long Strides/Off the Hip)
    The Spectors – Gotta Sow My Wild Oats (Beat Is Murder/Get Hip)
    Vee Dee – Out of My Skin (Public Mental Health System/Criminal IQ)
    Hypstrz – Riot on Sunset Strip (Live at the Longhorn/Bomp!)
    Hypstrz – Shake (Live at the Longhorn/Bomp!)
    Tree – No Good Woman (V/A: Pebbles Vol. 5/AIP)
    Nick Hoffman – King of the Moon (Howlin’ for My Darlin’/Teenage Shutdown)
    The Torquays – Stolen Moments (V/A: Garage Punk Unknowns Pt. 2/Crypt)
    Le Face – Tylenol Killer (Isolation/Dead Beat)
    Mac Blackout – Pocket for Everything (of the Functional Blackouts and Daily Void from Chicago)
    The Mystery Girls – I Took the Poison (Incontinopia/In the Red)
    The Guilty Hearts – Don’t Wanna Know (Pearls Before Swine/Voodoo Rhythm)
    Bob Log III – My Shit Is Perfect (My Shit Is Perfect/Voodoo Rhythm)
    The Hunches – Your Sick Blooms (Exit Dreams/In the Red)
    Subsonics – Disintegrate (Follow Me Down/Get Hip)
    The Spastics – Pleasure Party (Live!/Rip Off)
    The No-Talents – Bad Story…Bad Movie (…Want Some More/Estrus)
    Fuller Todd – Cuddle Up (V/A: King Rock’n’Roll/Ace)
    The Remains – Hang on Sloopy (A Session With…/Sundazed)

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