Savage Kick #67

This high-calorie episode includes some requested stuff, including the Count Five, Guitar Wolf, Chrome Spiders, plus some greasy, deep-fried rock’n’roll by the likes of the Goodnight Loving, the Sonics, the Barbarians, the Hong Kongs, thee Fourgiven, Ron Haydock & the Boppers, the Scientists, the Cows, the Passions, Steve E. Nix and the Cute Lepers PLUS a fat set for all you chubby chasers out there that includes a lost ’60s “pounder” from St. Louis. I know you’re hungry so DIG IN!



  1. admin says:


    The Hong Kongs – Surfin’ in the China Sea (V/A: Mad Mike Monsters Vol. 3/Norton)
    Little Ike – She Can Rock (V/A: Mad Mike Monsters Vol. 1/Norton)

    Bob Seger & The Last Herd – East Side Story
    The Goodnight Loving – Drag (The Goodnight Loving/Off the Hip)
    The Count Five – The World (Psychotic Revelations/Big Beat)
    Ron Haydock & The Boppers – You’re Running Wild (99 Chicks/Norton)
    The Passions – Lively One (V/A: I’m a No-Count/Teenage Shutdown)

    Thee Fourgiven – I Want My Own Highway (It Ain’t Pretty Down Here/Dionysus)
    Steve E. Nix and The Cute Lepers – Terminal Boredom (7″/Blackheart)
    Psycho Surgeons – Horizontal Action (V/A: Murder Punk Vol. 1/Murder Punk Inc.)
    The Scientists – Last Night (V/A: Murder Punk Vol. 2/Murder Punk Inc.)
    Chrome Spiders – Irene

    Guitar Wolf – Roaring Blood (Jet Generation/Matador)
    Cows – Cartoon Corral (Effete and Impudent Snobs/AmRep)
    The Bad Seeds – A Taste of the Same (V/A: Garage Beat ’66 Vol. 5/Sundazed)
    The Barbarians: Are You a Boy… (Are You a Boy or Are You a Girl/Sundazed)
    The Embermen – Fat Girl (V/A: The Soma Records Story Vol. 1/BeatRocket)

    The Guise – Chumpy McGee (7″/Musicland USA)
    The Chimps – Chubby Chaser (Live at the Safari Club!/MuSick)
    Sonny Hall & The Echoes – My Big Fat Baby (V/A: Rockabilly Shakeout/Ace)
    Larry Williams – Short Fan Fannie (At His Finest – The Specialty Rock’n’Roll Years/Ace)
    Hasil Adkins – Big Fat Mama (Chicken Walk/Dee Jay Jamboree)

    The Sonics – Skinny Minnie (Boom/Norton)

  2. swt says:

    Love the fat-girl set. Another tune in that mode is “Roly Poly” by Joey Dee & The Starliters, circa 1961. (Not the same as the song of the same ttle by Bob Wills!)

  3. admin says:

    I just found out that Travis Criscola from the Cute Lepers passed away last night as the result of a drug overdose. R.I.P.

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