Savage Kick #66

RIP, Lux!
RIP, Lux!

Kopper returns from sick leave to deliver a 68-minute episode #66 that pays tribute to recently departed enormously influential rockers Lux Interior and Ron Asheton with music from both The Cramps and Stooges, plus requested stuff by The Revelators, Los Hories and the Ooga Boogas, as well as Demon’s Claws, Golden Triangle, The Weakends, Flamin Groovies, Ian and the Aztecs and loads more.



  1. admin says:

    Yonder playlist:

    Dwarves – I’m a Living Sickness (Lick It 1983-1986 [The Psychedelic Years]/Recess)
    The Weakends – One Pill to Survive (LP/Rob’s House)
    Flamin Groovies – Rockin’ Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu (Supersnazz/Sundazed)
    The Cramps – Bop Pills (Stay Sick!/Enigma)

    The Cramps – Garbageman (Songs the Lord Taught Us/IRS)
    The Cramps – Human Fly (Gravest Hits/IRS)
    The Cramps – The Mad Daddy (Songs the Lord Taught Us/IRS)
    The Cramps – I Was a Teenage Werewolf (Oct. 1976) (How to Make a Monster/Vengeance)
    The Cramps – Rockin’ Bones (Psychedelic Jungle/IRS)

    The Stooges – Down on the Street (Fun House/Elektra)
    The Stooges – No Fun (The Stooges/Elektra)
    Demon’s Claws – Put on My Sunday Dress (Lost in the Desert/Telephone Explosion)
    Golden Triangle – Prize Fighter (7″/Rob’s House)

    The Ooga Boogas – Neon Sunset (Romance and Adventure LP/AARGHT! Records)
    The Pink Fits – Chicken Hawk (Fuzzyard Gravebox/Off the Hip)
    Los Hories – Dead Town (What’s the Time!?/Off the Hip)
    The Revelators – Serve the Man (We Told You Not to Cross Us/Crypt)
    T. Lance and The Coctails: Aba-Daba-Do Dance (7″/Telstar)
    Ian & the Aztecs – Don’t Ha-Ha (7″/Spinout)

    Molten Universe – Freedom of Choice (No Love Around/Off the Hip)
    The Deadly Ones – It’s Monster Surfing Time (Lux’s “Purple Knif” Outro)

  2. Brine says:

    Human Fly was the first Cramps song I ever heard, back when I was 15. RIP

    Thanx for the Revelators song!

    Keep up the real shit podcast! haha

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