Savage Kick #65

Another 70-plus minutes of lowdown & dirty rock’n’roll, absolutely none of it with a holiday theme. Listen for classics from bands like the Penetrators, the Gizmos, We the People, the Real Kids, the Milkshakes, Joe South, the’s and more, plus requests for the New Bomb Turks, Esquerita, and an entire set of Dirty Water Records‘ crud. Dig it.

Chew it up and spit it out, tell ’em what you’re all about, Polish sausage sauerkraut, Polish sausage sauerkraut!



  1. kopper says:


    The Penetrators – Drive Me Crazy (Basement Anthology 1976-’84/Swami)
    The Gizmos – Progressive Rock (Rock & Roll Don’t Come From New York/Gulcher)
    The Real Kids – Do the Boob (The Real Kids/Norton)
    The Peelers – Pleasure Lines (Let’s Detonate/Beer Can)
    The Milkshakes – Pretty Baby (There’s Something That You Lack) (19th Nervous Shakedown/Big Beat)
    The Guilty Hearts – Too Far Down (The Guilty Hearts/Voodoo Rhythm)
    Sons of Cyrus – Straight to Hell (Rock & Rollercoaster/Big Brothel)
    The Maggots – Never Had It (This Bad Before) (Get Hooked!/Low Impact)
    Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Kawasaki Z117 50 Rock ‘n’ Roll (V/A:
    I Love Guitar Wolf…Very Much/Narnack)
    Sons of Hercules – Carving Knife (Sons of Hercules/Unclean)
    New Bomb Turks – Bullish on Bullshit (Information Highway Revisited/Crypt)
    Joe South – I’m Snowed (V/A: Rockin’ From Coast to Coast Vol. 1/Ace)
    The’s – I Don’t Need You No More (The’s/Time Bomb)
    The Moods – Rum Drunk (V/A: Pretty Ugly/Incessant Noise)
    Esquerita – I Live the Life I Love (Rockin’ the Joint/Collectables)
    Ludella Black – I’ve Just Seen a Face (V/A: Sympathetic Sounds of Toe Rag/SFTRI)
    The Makers – Sad Little Bug (The Makers/Estrus)
    The Satelliters – Blue Madness (Hi Karate!/Dionysus)
    The Daybreakers – Psychedelic Siren (V/A: Psychedelic Microdots of the Sixties Vol. 1/Sundazed)
    Dr. Explosion – Better Days (V/A: Vindicated! A Tribute to the Fleshtones/Dirty Water)
    Los Peyotes – Bdaaaa! (7″/Dirty Water)
    Thee Vicars – Back on the Streets (Back on the Streets/Dirty Water)
    Thee Vicars – Don’t Try to Tell Me (7″/Dirty Water)
    The Branded – You Got the Hurt (7″/Dirty Water)
    Shutdown 66 – Late Night Shutdown (Welcome to Dumpsville/Get Hip)

  2. SIMON says:

    POW! WOW! Just what I needed, what an awesome rackshaker! Kopper, thanks for playing all that!

    Ps: Great to hear the “Dirty Water” stuff!

    • kopper says:

      Yeah, sorry ’bout that, Billy… Something screwy was going on with that post. It was messin’ up the podcast jukebox, so I had to delete it and repost (actually I had to do that twice before it worked right). In doing that I inadvertently deleted your comment, too.

  3. Byron Satellite says:

    On a cold and snowy Calgary morning going to work, I couldn’t ask for better music. My favorite show.

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