Savage Kick #64

Happy Friday! Here’s the latest episode of the Savage Kick podcast, featuring more hard-boiled rock’n’roll, this time from the likes of such desperate groups as the Gories, the Oblivians, Scat Rag Boosters, Red Beard and the Pirates, the Original Sins, Movie Star Junkies, Pirate Love, The Gruesomes, Thee Headcoats, Thee Fine Lines, Thee Crucials, Andre Williams, the Seger Liberation Army, a request for the Irving Klaws and more!



  1. kopper says:


    The Gories – Nitroglycerine (I Know You Fine, But How You Doin’/Crypt)
    The Gories – Feral (Houserockin’/Crypt)
    Oblivians – Bad Man (Popular Favorites/Crypt)

    The Smugglers – Pirate Ships (Mutiny in Stereo/Lookout!)
    Little John and The Sherwoods – Long Hair (V/A: You Treated Me Bad/Teenage Shutdown)
    Red Beard and the Pirates – Go on Leave (V/A: Back From the Grave Pt. 2/Crypt)
    Johnny Kidd and The Pirates – Please Don’t Touch (The Johnny Kidd Memorial Album/BGO)
    The Original Sins – You Can’t Touch Me (The Hardest Way/Psonik)

    Scat Rag Boosters – Sidetracked (7″/Zaxxon Virile Action)
    Scat Rag Boosters – I Mean It (7″/Goodbye Boozy)
    Movie Star Junkies – Melville (Melville/Voodoo Rhythm)
    Pirate Love – In a Dirty Cellar (Black Vodoun Space Blues/Voodoo Rhythm)

    The Gruesomes – Get Outta My Hair (Gruesomology 1985-89/Sundazed)
    Paul Revere and The Raiders – Steppin’ Out (Just Like Us!/Sundazed)
    Thee Headcoats – By the Hairs on My Chinny Chin Chin (Knights of the Baskervilles/Birdman)
    Thee Fine Lines – Got to Get Out of This Town (V/A: Kaiser Records & Real Boss Hoss International Stomp-O-Lation/Kaiser)
    Thee Crucials – Downtown (Give Me… a Keg… of Beer/Kaiser)

    Black Joe Lewis & Cool Breeze – Boogie (7″/Shake Your Ass)
    Andre Williams – Jail Bait (Mr. Rhythm/Regency)
    Seger Liberation Army – 2+2=? (7″/Big Neck)
    Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers – Pirate Love (L.A.M.F./Track)

    The Irving Klaws – Loveslide (The Pervasonic Sounds of…/Get Hip)

  2. Paul J. Kinosian says:

    First off THANK YOU for doing this podcast! Savage Kick and The Desperate Hour are the best of the bunch by far. I don’t have time to chase down music like I used to and you are providing and invaluable service and helping me keep my sanity in a world where there’s nothing besides Leonard Skinner. (i.e. South Carolina)

    There’s a guy in California who does an audio blog where he digs up some great old super-obscure new wave, early pre-MTV syth stuff that definitely had an impact on the punk movement in its early days. I know it doesn’t exactly fit into the raucous fuzz-drenched buzzsaw mode, but a lot of the old punks might enjoy it. I would be willing to collaborate into making this stuff into a podcast.

    Check out these tunes at

  3. SIMON says:

    Hey, hey, HEY!
    Enjoyed the Andre Williams bit, A LOT! Weird they messed up that Docu, though. Seger Liberation always kills on this station. I like that they show up here and there on other shows as well. GREAT SHOW!

    For the wishes: How about some Bomb Turks ca. “Information Highway”? Also, how does Blues Explosion, “Controversial Negro” time, sound? Some “Esquerita” would be asomenesssss as well.

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