Savage Kick #63

Slap Your Mammy!

Here’s yet another unrelenting dose of hard-hitting, lowdown and dirty rock’n’roll, offered up with a backhanded slap of reality that there really is some killer music being created all over the world, including places like Montreal and Kansas City! So grab the proverbial giggle juice and prepare to get punked by such modern bands as The Drones, Thee Oh Sees, Box Elders, CPC Gangbangs, Red Mass, the Daylight Lovers, Wrong Crowd, Thee Fleshapoids, Modie Bones, Fag Cop, Left Arm, and such classics as the Mummies, the Illusions, the Mono Men, the Devil Dogs, the Downliners Sect and lots more. Dig.



  1. SIMON says:

    HA HAA! Numerics, I love it when they are tricked for a great show! Wait, I’m getting ahead of myself too here! I need to listen to it FIRST…

  2. admin says:


    Devo – Gut Feeling (Slap Your Mammy)
    The Drones – Mean Streak
    Thee Oh Sees – Visit Colonel
    The Box Elders – Hole in My Head

    The Downliners Sect – I Wanna Put a Tiger in Your Tank
    Larry Bright – One Ugly Child
    Pee White & The Magic Strangers – I’m a King Bee
    The Coasters – Down Home Girl
    The Deacons – The Baldie Beat

    Wrong Crowd – Haunted
    Thee Fleshapoids – Let Me Out
    Modie Bones – Miss Monster
    FAG COP – I’m Fucking Dead

    Left Arm – Electric Babies
    The Carbonas – Journey to the End
    The Mummies – In and Out
    The Illusions – City of People
    The Five Canadians – Writing on the Wall

    Red Mass – Success for Crime
    CPC Gangbangs – I Want it All
    The Daylight Lovers – Cornfed
    The Devil Dogs – Whip it Out
    The Mono Men – Testify

    The Cockroaches – 1st Degree

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