Hot Slop #35

Host: Rob Baker

It’s been a few months since he last hosted an episode, but Rob is back to share some major tunes! As usual, he’s back with twenty-three cuts of the soul variety. Blues-driven stompers, menacing R&B and full-blown, house-rockin’ soul. Dig the doo-woppy Utopians and the bone-chilling Rogers Collins! You better believe it, baby!



  1. Los Hories says:

    You’ve done again! Hot Slop has seriously changed our musical outlook. From the songs we write to the songs we buy on 7″… love it so much, keep it up!

  2. kopper says:

    That’s right! A lot of people are surprised that we have shows that play music besides “garage punk”… but then again I think we owe it to ourselves to do just that! Obviously garage rock borrows a lot from ’50s/’60s R&B and soul, so having a show that focuses on that “slop” may help turn a lot of “garage punks” on to that great music. So yeah, definitely help us spread the word… thanks!

  3. Casey says:

    Rob never, ever disappoints, and I can wait a month or two between podcasts because his excellent taste shines through every time. His podcast is also a tragic reminder that a lot of great tunes are only available on vinyl. Bless Rob for presenting them for our listening pleasure!!

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