Savage Kick #61

This episode kicks off with a Rudy Ray Moore (RIP) tribute, then features a song for Obama (Barack the vote on November 4!), plus some demented country from Eddie Noack and Porter Wagoner, broken blues courtesy of the Bassholes, as well as selected cuts from the Dirtbombs, Cheater Slicks, Compulsive Gamblers, Apache, King Khan & the Shrines, Yussuf Jerusalem, Pierced Arrows, the Lyres, DMZ, the Sorrows, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, and more. Much more. Maybe even TOO much more. But I’ll let you be the judge. It’s well over an hour’s worth of your typical Savage Kick fare, and true, there are some creepy numbers included, for sure, but no real “Halloween Special” this year (sorry, kids!). The real horror will set in later anyway if we let John McCain win this election… SO VOTE!! Need more proof why you shouldn’t vote for that douchebag? Click here. OK, I’m done. Enjoy the show!



  1. You played a song on this show that had to do with stagger lee. Who was that? I am doing an entire show on songs about Stagger Lee…. so let me know when you can! Thanks! And as always… great show

  2. SIMON says:

    Oh man, this show took some awesome turns to all corners of Rock’n’Roll fun! I loved te Dolemite stuff and laughed my brain free. The classics section was so damn spooky……
    Wooooo! All and everything happening – too much and too good to just mention!

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