The Brazilian Mob

The Brazilian Mob


Host: Alessandro Psycho

Here’s Alessandro with a one-shot Brazilian-only special on the GaragePunk Podcast Network. Keep in mind that this is Alessandro’s very first attempt at podcasting. He joined the Hideout recently and commented on my page about Brazilian garage-punk bands. I replied with “How about putting together a podcast on Brazilian garage bands yourself?” And he did! I dug it so much that I suggested he do a regular show for us, but one that featured more than just Brazilian bands… but time will tell if he ever actually gets around to doing that. If he does, it should be some pretty cool stuff, most of which you’ll never get a chance to hear anywhere else, and that’s the really important thing. It’s rare that the rest of the world gets to hear much in the form of trashy rock’n’roll from Central and South America, as North American and European bands have so dominated the world of garage and primitive rock’n’roll over the years. Anyway, enjoy this show, and hopefully Alessandro will be submitting more episodes in the future.



  1. beat-man says:

    hi alessandro.. YEA man you are here.. how are you doing.. long time no see godamit… wanna come back to brazil.. fuck…

    great fucking show man !!!
    p.s. we have one as well on here.. it’s sonic nightmares.. check it out…

  2. Casey says:

    This was great! Always love seeing the wonderful world of music and unexplored genres on these Podcasts and this was definitely one of the most unique I’ve heard in a while! Can’t wait for #2!!

  3. Jackie says:

    whoa!! great show. don’t know if anyone else noticed, but i listen to all of the podcasts on my iphone, and this episode had a really cool feature, where when i tapped on the ipod screen, the playlist came up as an overlay ontop of the artwork.

    was that intentional? either way, it’s really neat-o and i wish all the podcasts had that feature.

    xx, jackie

  4. admin says:

    Frenchy, that’s an MP3 of a show, but it’s not a podcast. A podcast has an RSS feed. And from what I can tell from your website link, there is no RSS feed for that show, hence no one can subscribe to it, hence NOT a podcast.

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