Savage Kick #53

The latest episode of Savage Kick is chock full of great older music spanning the 1960s through the ’90s, including stuff from The Painted Ship, The Seeds, The Pretty Things, The Mods, The Flamin Groovies, The Dictators, Girl Trouble, The Pandoras, The Devil Dogs, Nikki & The Corvettes, The Hentchmen, The Stallions, The Makers, and loads more. This episode is dedicated to those of you who actually join The Hideout *after* discovering the podcast (and not the other way around). Crank it up!



  1. admin says:

    Thanks, Michael! I actually have a couple years’ worth of my old show recorded onto CD-Rs and stored in a box down here in the basement. Maybe some day I can put a few of them online…

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