GaragePunk Surfcast #7

GaragePunk Surfcast

The host of the Savage Kick show takes another shot at the GaragePunk Surfcast. Grab your board, a six-pack of Schlitz (now brewing its original ’60s formula!) and soak up some rays while you enjoy heavily reverbed rock’n’roll by such surf ‘n’ drag favorites as The Nebulas, The Sadies, The Surf Trio, The Pyramids, The Aquasonics, The Thunderchiefs, The Surf Punks, The Revels, The Triumphs, The Lava Rats, Jerry Cole & His Spacemen, The Cavaliers, Get Three Coffins Ready, The Sir Finks, The New Dimensions, and lots more. Cowabunga, dudes!



  1. admin says:

    The worst? Oh come on, Toby. Seriously, what (specifically) didn’t you like about it? I mean, if you’re going to say it’s bad, at least make your criticism *constructive* by suggesting what you would’ve done differently… or maybe you, Toby, have your own surf podcast that we can critique? If so, then please post the link! Thanks.

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