Savage Kick #51

Kopper celebrates the arrival of a brand-new MXL 990 microphone by recording a new episode of this hardboiled podcast, this time out featuring more great rock’n’roll such as The Chocolate Watchband, The Stems, The Heartaches, The Sonics, Thee Fine Lines, Bunker Hill, Hasil Adkins, Oblivians, Nervebreakers, Masonics, Okmoniks, Teengenerate, Nine Pound Hammer, Lyres, and more… 61 minutes of deranged rock’n’roll mayhem. Enjoy!



  1. Daniel says:

    Awesome show! I’m a first time listener but will be checking this show out from now on. If you ever feel like playing a crappy little pop garage rock band from IL The Mome Raths are your band!!. We’re on pod safe too so anyway didn’t mean to plug my band but couldn’t help myself. Thanks for the awesome show! Keep it up.

  2. Another tight show. I am a Pasta-farian myself , it comes almost naturally with being a non-Catholic, Canadian-Italian living in Australia. Can you play any cuts by The Vapids or The Forgotten Rebels and send the shout out to Alex TreBaked in New South Wales?

    Keep it wet,


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