Savage Kick #50

The second episode of this show in less than a week? Ha! Like that’ll ever happen again…

On this fiftieth episode of Savage Kick, Yours Truly pays tribute to Mike Conley of M.I.A. (R.I.P.) and features more great old and new garage, punk, and primitive rock’n’roll, including stuff from The Saints, Trio, The Groupies, Mouse and The Traps, Flash Terry, The Titty Twisters Orchestra, The Periscopes, Don & The Goodtimes, The Juke Joint Pimps, Ralph Nielsen & The Chancellors, The Mummies, Los Marauders, plus lots more, including some new stuff courtesy of In The Red Records (Sonic Chicken 4, KK&BBQ Show, The Dirtbombs and JSBX). Dig in and dig it!



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