The Desperate Hour #16

The Desperate Hour

By the Numbers

Host: Alex Piandes

For the sixteenth episode of The Desperate Hour, Alex does it by the numbers – all songs with numbers in the title. Counting up, counting down – all the tuneage that counts, featuring DM Bob & The Deficits, The Pretty Things, The Hentchmen, Question Mark & The Mysterians, The Konks, Ann-Margaret, and more.



  1. admin says:


    *Manfred Mann: 5,4,3,2,1
    (The Best Of…/EMI, 1977)
    original 7″ released in EMI, 1964
    NOTE: The theme song to “Ready, Steady, Go!”

    *Elite: One Potato
    (V/A Fort Worth Teen Scene! Vol. 1 CD/Norton, 2004)
    original 7″ released on Charay, 1965

    *The Blues:
    (V/A The Belgian Sixties Archive #2/Boom!)
    previously unreleased-no recording date

    (bed) The’s: The’s
    (Bomb The Rocks: Early Days Singles, 1989-1996/Time Bomb)
    originally included in the LP “Can’t Help It!” 1993

    *DM Bob & The Deficits: Two Headed Woman
    (V/A Cheapo Crypt Sampler #2!/Crypt, 1997)
    Alternate version of track that would be included on the 1999 Crypt CP “Bush Hog’n Man”

    *Steve King: No Two Ways
    (V/A Lost In The 60’s/Mod-Boys)
    unknown label & release date

    *Caravans: 3 Musketeers
    (V/A Hipsville, Vol. 2/Kramden, 1985)
    original 7″ released on Key-Man, 1966

    *The Third Bardo: I’m Five Years Ahead Of My Time
    (V/A Nuggets Box/Rhino, 1998)
    original 7″ released on Roulette, 1967

    (bed) The Hentchmen: Exit 154
    (Broad Appeal/Norton, 1997)

    *Zoo: Six Miles From The Cage
    (V/A Shakin’ In Athens/Sound Stories, 1997)
    original 7″ released on Philips, unknown release date

    *The Pretty Things: Midnight To Six Man
    (Get The Picture? reissue/Snapper Media, 1998)
    original LP released on Fontana, 1965

    *Cavaliers: 7 Days Of Crying
    (V/A Back From The Grave, Vol. 7 LP/Crypt, 1988)
    original 7″ released on Crisis, 1966

    *Question Mark & The Mysterians: “8” Teen
    (96 Tears/Cameo-Parkway, 1966)

    *Herman’s Hermits: I’m Henry The VIII, I Am
    (The Best Of…, Vol. 1/M-G-M, 1965)

    *The Last Ones: 99
    (demo CD, 2003)

    (bed) Chancellors: 5 Minus 3
    (V/A Buzz Buzz Buzzzzzz, Vol. 2/Arf! Arf! 2000)
    original 7″ released on Fenton, 1966

    *Ann-Margaret: Thirteen Men
    (V/A Cocktail Mix, Vol. 2: Martini Madness/Rhino, 1966)
    originally included on the RCA Victor LP “Vivacious One” 1962

    *The Renegades: 13 Women
    (V/A Songs We Taught The Fuzztones/Way Back, 1990)
    original 7″ released on Moonglow (Finland), 1966

    *The Konks: 29 Fingers
    (S/T/BOMP! 2005)

    *The Customs Five: Let’s Go In ’69
    (V/A Move It!/Teenage Shutdown, 1999)
    original 7″ released on Task, 1966

    *The Haunted: 1-2-5
    (V/A Pebbles, Vol. 1/Mastercharge, 1978)
    original 7″ released on Amy, 1966

    *Chesterfield Kings: 60 Second Swinger
    (Here Are The…/Mirror, 1982)

    (bed) Willie Mitchell: 50-75
    (V/A The Hi Records Story/Hi, 2006)
    original 7″ released on HI, 1964

    *Tyme: Land Of 1000 Dances
    (V/A Back From The Grave, Vol. 7 LP/Crypt, 1988)
    previously unreleased, unknown recording date

  2. DrumDestiny says:

    Six Miles From The Cage by Zoo was released on the Philips label in Athens in February 1966. The track, written by drummer John Carr and bass guitarist Paul Velletri, rivals the Beach Boys in subtle, driving, melancholic ecstasy! Great to have it on your show. Keep airing it!

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