Rock’n’Roll Suicide #48

Host: R. Fink

Another dose of Rock’n’Roll Suicide brings with it new waxings from the likes of the Forbidden Tigers, the Nodzzz, the Hex Dispensers, Cheap Time, the Popetts, the Estrogen Highs, New Times Viking and by popular demand, Los Idiotas!



  1. R. Fink says:

    whoa… that there tune did have a vocal at one point. it’s a weird stereo mix… vocal musta dropped when converted to mono. didn’t pick up on that one. not a big fan of stereo either.

  2. admin says:


    The Cool Jerks: This Is It (This Is It)
    The Modern Primitives: Really Jacqueline! (s/t)
    The Forbidden Tigers: Forbidden Tigers (Magnetic Problems)
    The Hidden Charms: Don’t Hide Your Charms (Square Root Of Love)
    The Rippers: Little Girl You’ll Be Mine (Shake Your Ass)
    The Nodzzz: We’re The Only Animals (Make A Mess)
    Los Idiotas: Yeah Yeah (Iekk! Sounds)
    Los Idiotas: The Blob (Slovenly)
    The Pumpers: On The Records (Wallride)
    The Hex Dispensers: Lose My Cool (Douchemaster)
    The Make Outs: Still Love You (Radio Obligato)
    The Riots: Hold On Me (Love After)
    The Gondoliers: It’s Too Late (s/t)
    Los Creeple People: Lookin’ 4 Love
    Nightshift: I Call Your Name (Savage Affection)
    Head: Spend The Night Alone (Goner)
    The Popetts: Pre-Party (Bachelor)
    The Estrogen Highs: Can’t Complain (Never Heard Of It)
    The Knaves: Leave Me Alone (Leave Me Alone)
    Os Haxixins: Dirty Old Man (s/t)
    Cheap Time: Wild Life (Douchmaster)
    Slab City: Milwaukee’s Beast (Slovenly)
    New Times Viking: Mt Head (Rip It Off)
    Gito Gito Hustler: Life Goes On (Big Neck)

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