Savage Kick #48

Savage Kick

I’m not sure which is worse, late January or late July. Temperatures so cold that you feel your nose hairs ice over on the way to the bus stop, or so hot you can fry eggs on the roof of your car. As strange as it may seem, I think I actually prefer the cold. The heat just has a way of escalating mankind’s sick, violent nature, fueling tempers, madness, and pain, while the cold always seems to keep everyone in check, at least for a little while. This episode of Savage Kick was recorded on one of the coldest nights of the fresh, young year. The beer was kept cold by simply sitting it on the basement floor. The Blues vs. Canucks game on the tube in the background. Spaceheater on full blast. Almost cold enough to see my breath…

This episode features selections from such bands as The Barracudas, The Mortals, The Mants, The Miracle Workers, The Burning Hatreds, The Gentleman Callers, The Missing Links, The Talismen, The Reigning Sound, and many more. Crank this one up and put some tiger milk in your tank.



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