GaragePunk Surfcast #4

GaragePunk Surfcast

Host: Duke Eastwood

Duke Eastwood comes straight out of Venice Beach to bang you over the head with a 9-foot fiberglass board known as the GaragePunk Surfcast. In the curl this time around are favorites from legends like the Lively Ones and Eddie and The Showmen, plus some lesser-known blasts from bands like Die Sputniks and the Surfin’ Dead. A few just to weird you out courtesy of the Exports and the Ziggens, and even a couple by bands that aren’t even known for surf music! Get in here and stomp you little maggots!

Here’s the playlist:

Brian Lord & the Midnighters – Big Surfer (V/A: Pebbles vol. 4/ Archive)
The Lively Ones – Tranquilizer (Surf City/ Del-Fi)
Los Kahunas – Marvricks (El Fantastico Sonido/nofun)
The Surf Raiders – Wave Walkin’ (V/A: What Surf?/ What)
The Windows – Bikini Bra in Surf? (Demo)
The Hollywoods – Dirty Something (Myspace Page)
Mark Marks & Marksmen – Sheriff of? Nodingham (V/A: Lost Legends of Surf Guitar vol.2/ Sundazed)
The Exotic Guitars – I’ll wait for you (7″/ Ranwood)
The Wailers – We’re Going Surfing? (The Wailers and CO/Etiquette)
Die Sputniks – Gitaren Twist (7″/ Amiga)
The Exports – Car Hop (V/A: 50’s & 60’s Weirdsville 2/Monsieur)
Eddie & the Showmen – Mr. Rebel (7″/Liberty)
JFA – Baja (Valley of the Yanks/ Placibo)
The Tidal Waves – Sunrise (7″/ What)
The Ziggens – Outside (Rusty Never Sleeps/ Skunk)
The Mummies – Thing from Venus (Never Been Caught/ Telstar)
The Fender Four – Margaya (V/A: Songs the Cramps Taught Us)
The Atlantics – War of the Worlds? (the Explosive Sound of the Atlantics/ Repertoire)
The Surfin’ Dead – Pop Killer Cometh (V/A: Heavy Surf/Reptile)
The Tornados – Maleguena? (Bustin’ Surf Boards/ Sundazed)
The Tandems – Rising Surf (V/A: Lost Legends of Surf Guitar vol. 1/ Sundazed)
Fuzz Aldrin – Trailer Park Quarantine (V/A: Time Machine/ Stomp!)
Jim Dunfrud & the Halibuts – Image of a Surfer (V/A: What Surf II/What)
the El Caminos – T.J. Slough (Reverb Explosion/ Del-Fi)
The Corvairs – Surf Noir (Unsafe at any Speed/ Prefab)
The Lively Ones – Telstar (Surf City/ Del-Fi)



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