Rock’n’Roll Suicide #45

RocknRoll Suicide

Host: R. Fink

R. Fink stumbles out of the old year and into the new with another hour of noise to get you through your day. Included in this Suicide are offerings by the likes of the Heartaches, the Sonic Chicken 4, the Griefs, the Functional Blackouts, the Black & Whites, the Maharajahs, Tunnel of Love and more.

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  1. admin says:


    The Heartaches: Dance City Too Cool For School)
    The Makes Nice: Don’t Do It Some More (This Time Tomorrow)
    The Romance Novels: Peggy Sue (Hozac)
    The Sonic Chicken 4: Girl 66 (s/t)
    The Snowmen: Garbage Man (Gamma Knee Kappa)
    Thee Crucials: You Ain’t The One
    The Griefs: Bored Outta My Gourd (Throwing A Temper Tantrum)
    The Functional Blackouts: Raw Dog, Raw Deal (The Very Best Of The
    The Cool Jerks: Comme L’Agent Secret (Ballroom Bash!)
    The Korners Of Time: Cara Lin (You’re So Square)
    The Coconut Coolouts: Barrel Chested Baby (Party Time Machine)
    Thee Almighty Handcalps: The Handclap Shake (???)
    CoCoComa: Tryin’ To Read My Mind (s/t)
    Curlee Wurlee: L’Essence Des Sences (Ballroom Bash!)
    The Maharajahs: Yeah Yeah (In Pure Spite)
    The Gaye Blades: Bobby Is A Lover (Slaughterhaus)
    The Shudders: Street Walkin’ (Compact)
    The Staggers: Little Sister (Ballroom Bash!)
    The Black & Whites: You Broke My Heart Girl (P.Trash/FDH)
    The Hipshakes: You Make Me Malfunction (Show & Tell)
    The Coronodos: The Nomad (Gamma Knee Kappa)
    The Heartattacks: Nothin’ Better To Do (Plastic Idol)
    Batman & Robin: Who The Fuck Is Superman? (Bachelor)
    Tu Seras TerribelmenT Gentille: Lester Bangs (Born Bad)
    Tunnel Of Love: Surfin’ Bird (Profet)

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