Wild Wild Sound #6

Wild Wild Sound!

Instro A-Go-Go, Pt. 2

Host: Jim Stark

Screamin’ Jim Stark’s second swing at an all-instrumental episode featuring vocal-free vermin such as the Dynotones, the Charles Napiers, Venturi Tubes, the Joy Boys, & the Motions! Mo’ singer-less slop, mo’ instro insanity!

Plus a special song in memory of the late Ike Turner… I’ll shut-up now and you, well you can just… Dig It!


Danny Zella and his Zell Rocks – Black Sax
the Dynotones – 99 A. D.
the Joy Boys – Sandy the Surfin’ Sandfly
the Gruesomes – Cave-In!
the Motions – Bumble Bee ’65
the Apemen – Hard and Sole
Rusty Isabel – the Blast
the Gories – Ichiban
Ike Turner & his Kings of Rhythm – Twistin’ the Strings
the Frantic V – Room 409
the Blazers – Bangalore
the Charles Napiers – Surf Rider
Keetie & the Kats – Way Out
thee Milkshakes – Red Monkey
Venturi Tubes – Fuzzy and Wild
the Vulcaneers – Sarek Stomp

One comment

  1. stéphane says:

    great tunes here guys…
    gladd to hear thoses bands days an nights ,als o to be aibl to shar it easly with all my friends,letsshake drink and get stonedtoniht,

    x…………-:)-:)-:) ciao ciao see ya all maybe, again thx a lot fo my eargasms

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