Sonic Nightmares #1

Sonic Nightmares


Hosts: Gringo Starr & Reverend Beat-Man

Reverend Beat-Man and Gringo Starr of Voodoo Rhythm Records play their latest thrift-shop finds along with new Voodoo Rhythm releases. Pops, cracks, and hisses are included for your listening enjoyment.

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  1. Hans P. says:

    Hello Beat-Man,

    veeeery cool to see your podcast here, music collection is as I expected great and funny. Greets to Switzerland from Hans in Frankfurt

  2. tobi joi says:

    hallo reverend & gringo
    this is how radio should be listened too, not that comercial crap we have now
    & thanks for buying records in record stores
    way to go
    tobi joi

  3. admin says:


    New Bomb Turks – I Hate People

    Os Haxixxins – Ode Medita (Groove Records)

    Jimi Hendrix – Hornets Nest

    The Gravediggers – Black Cadillac (Crypt)

    Dixi Gas – Lightning Beat-Man is a Motherfucker

    The Reaction – Turn the Clock Back

    Twysted (pre-Fuzztones) – She’s Wyked (Midnight Records)

    The Reverend Gary Davis – I’m the true vein

    Rochee and the Sarnos – Gay Cowboy (nervous)

    The Amoks – Go Down With Me

    Reverend Beat-Man – Coco Grace (Voodoo Rhythm Records)

    John Schooley and his One Man Band – My Baby Cried All Night (Voodoo
    Rhythm Records)

    Stinky Lou and the Goon Mats – Lord Bernardo (Unreleased)

    The Juke Joint Pimps – (song name unknown) (Unreleased)

    Gun – Drown Yourself in the River (we want more info about this band)

    The Young Caucasians – D.C. Girl

    The Clorox Girls – I Like Drugs (Bachelor Records)

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