1. Doombunny says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you R.Fink. These tunes rock balls. I was at a point where everything sounded like shit and I hated all music; these songs brought me back around. My neighbors are gonna hate me! lol

  2. Bonne zique, écouté ce midi dans un magasin d’ameublement du Centre France, j’ai vite repiqué l”adresse du site, sur l’écran sur lequel s’écoulait cette compil de R. Fink. Chapeau , good job ! je l’écoute en boucle

  3. admin says:


    The Black Dynamites: Ready To Rock (Rockin’ Ramona)
    Jack Hammer: Crazy Twist (Hammer + Beat = Twist)
    Luis & the Wildfires: Wild In The Head (Brain Jail, Norton)
    Digger & the Pussycats: 100 Degrees (Young, Tight And Alright, Spooky)
    The Tempos: You Got Me Going Out Of My Head (Speaking Of The Tempos,
    The Mugwumps: That Heartbeat (Banana Brain, Bachelor)
    Purple Wizard: Cream Of The Crop (s/t, Full Tilt)
    Goodnight Loving: You Know Better (Crooked Lake, Dusty Medical)
    The Neatbeats: Spoilt Girl (Far And Near, Get Hip)
    The Shop Fronts: Put You Out (s/t, Rip Off)
    Cococoma: She Gets Heavy (Holds To Tight) (s/t, Goner)
    Lover!: My Michelle (Gathered In A Graveyard, Red Lounge)
    The Busy Signals: Got It All Wrong (s/t, Dirtnap)
    The Riff Randells: When You Go (Doublecross, Dirtnap)
    The Pleasers: I’m In Love (Lies ep, Arista)
    The Scruffs: You You You (Teenage Gurls)
    Thee Fourgiven: Way Out (It Ain’t Pretty Down Here)
    The Satelliters: For You (Where Do We Go, Dionysus)
    The Stems: Got To Know Me (Heads Up, Shock)
    The Heartattacks: That Girl (Plastic Idol)
    Tyvek: Honda (Fast Metabolism)
    The Wax Museums: Pyramid (Ancient Structures, Ken Rock)
    Mr. Bonz One Man Band: I Don’t Care (The Man Without Bones, Bamboo)

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