Savage Kick #44

Savage Kick

This criminally insane episode features a set of old and new music from “San Francisco’s first and only rock’n’roll band,” Crime, plus The Satelliters, The Cynics, The Fleshtones, The Dogs (MI), The Cramps, The Goodnight Loving, Thee Fourgiven, The Count Five, The Others, an entire set of Holy, Holy, Holy rock’n’roll for you fugitives from God (including the Knights of the New Crusade and The Click Kids) and much, much more, see?



  1. admin says:

    The Satelliters – Introduction Part 1
    The Satelliters – Abba
    The Cynics – Hard to Please
    Knights of the New Crusade – Fugitive From God
    The Click Kids – Happy Christians
    The Click Kids – Run Samson Run
    Coro Colegio Javier – Misa A Go-Go Panamena – Holy, Holy, Holy
    Coro Colegio Javier – Misa A Go-Go Panamena – Lamb of God
    Delai Alamos – El Grito De Los King
    Los Yetis – El Surf Del Perro
    The Torques – The Bird
    Wade Curtiss and The Rhythm Rockers – Puddy Cat (Mama-Meow-Mow)
    Rufus Thomas – Bear Cat
    The Invaders – Cat’s Eyes
    The Fleshtones – Wild Cat Tamer
    The Dogs – Dog in the Cathouse
    The Cramps – Can Your Pussy do the Dog?
    Crime – Baby, You’re So Repulsive
    Crime – San Francisco’s Doomed
    Crime – SS Blues
    Crime – Skunk
    The Goodnight Loving – My Important Heart
    King Salami and the Cumberland 3 – I Smell a Rat
    Thee Fourgiven – Down to My Room
    The Count Five – They’re Gonna Get You
    The Others – I Can’t Stand This Love (Goodbye)

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