Nasty Grind #10

Nasty Grind

Host: Lord Muck

Welcome fiends to a Hallowe’en Spooktacular on Nasty Grind episode 10. Yours cruelly, Lord Muck, takes 20 scary scorchers and horror hits and spins them backwards, then forwards, then backwards again. Lord Muck has sold his soul to rock ‘n’ roll and now it’s payback time right here on the Nasty Grind show. So, that’s how the Devil got all the best tunes!!

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  1. Lord Muck says:

    Why yes! I do have a position that needs filling…!!

    By the way, here is the playlist for this episode:

    Letter From Jeepers – Mr. Guy (Pulp Surfin’, Donna, 1995)
    Vodoo Voodoo – Lavern Baker (Loud Fast & Out of Control, J&R Music,
    Til The Following Night – Screaming Lord Sutch (HMV, 1961)
    VooDoo Woman – Smiley Smith (Horror Hop, Buffalo Bop, 1994)
    Night of the Vampire – Mootrekkers (The Alchemist of Pop: Homemade
    Hits and Rarities 1959, Castle, 2002)
    The Panasonics Meet The Wolfman – Eddie Angel (Eddie Angel’s Guitar
    Party, Musick, 1997)
    Ghost Hop – The Surfmen (a. Wild Surf, Del-Fi, 1995; b. Rare West
    Coast Surf Instrumentals, Ace, 2001)
    Satan’s Holiday – The Lancasters (Rare West Coast Surf Instrumentals,
    Ace, 2001)
    Voo Doo Juice – The Ghouls (Toes On The Nose, Ace, 1991)
    Corpse Grinder – The Meteors (Don’t Touch The Bang Bang Fruit,
    Anagram, 2005) (orig. 1987)
    Surfin’ Dead – The Cramps (Smell of Female, Vengeance, 1983)
    Starlet DOA – The Necessary Evils (Shine On Sweet Starlet Soundtrack,
    Sympathy, 1998)
    Zombie Nightmares – The Johnsons (demo, 2007)
    Hell On Hallowe’en – The Vincent Razorbacks (Vol. 13, Raucous, 2006)
    Tokyo Zombie – Guitar Wolf (Dead Rock, Sony, 2007)
    Zombies – King Khan & the BBQ Show (What’s For Dinner?, In The Red,
    Ghost In My House – The Fall (458489 A-Sides, WEA, 1990)
    Death of an Angel – Donald Woods & the Vel-Aires (Dead! The Grim
    Reaper’s Greatest Hits, Ace, 2006)
    Trust In Me – The Dead Brothers (Wunderkammer, Voodoo Rhythm, 2006)
    Come to the Sabbat – Black Widow (b/w The Way to Power, CBS, 1970)

  2. Lewis says:

    Hey Lord Muck, I love this, but I want it on my ipod – right clicking in the podcast icon doesn’t work and you don’t come up if I search for your show on itunes – could you have a look or let me know how to get the portable version of your beautifully depraved world? Lewis

  3. admin says:

    Also, if you tell your browser how to handle MP3 files it can be set to automatically download them instead of opening them in a window and playing with Quicktime. Just go to your preferences area in your browser and tell it how to handle that type of file.

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