Savage Kick #41

Savage Kick

Show-Me Blowout Special!

All of the bands featured on this special episode will be playing a 2-day Missouri garage fest in River City (STL) on October 12th & 13th. The Cripplers, The Geargrinders, Pink Socks, Rich Boys, Monte Carlos, The Modern Primitives, Thee Fine Lines, The Von Hodads, The Nevermores, Left Arm, and more… Click here for more info!



  1. We DO have good songs other than Friday Night! And on that topic: The Vickroids just finished basic tracking for twenty (20!) songs at Shine Studios here in St. Louis. After mixing and cigar box overdubs, it’s gonna knock your socks off…..

  2. admin says:

    Haha, yeah, I almost used the audio from my live video footage of “You Can Ride Along,” but after listening to “Friday Night” again, I just decided to go with the BIG HIT. Can’t wait to hear the new recordings! Keep it raw…

  3. admin says:

    The Cripplers – Feel I’m Gonna Explode!
    The Cripplers – Boone County
    Pink Socks – Everybody Wants To…
    Pink Socks – Sit Down
    Rich Boys – L.I.V.I.N.
    Rich Boys – Toxic Wind
    Modern Primitives – I May Be Your French Bread, But Not the Croissant
    Modern Primitives – What’s Left to Say, But I Don’t
    Left Arm – As Seen on TV
    Left Arm – Human Bomb
    The Geargrinders – Weather
    The Geargrinders – She Shakes Too Much
    Thee Fine Lines – I Wanna Feel Fine
    Thee Fine Lines – Corrine
    The Vultures – Obsolete
    The Vickroids – Friday Night
    The 75s – Finders Keepers
    The Mad Titans – Overture in E Minor
    The Von Hodads – Diamond Head
    The Von Hodads – Shindig
    Monte Carlos – Domino
    Monte Carlos – Vampire
    The Nevermores – Everyday
    The Nevermores – I Lost Lenore

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