Rock’n’Roll Suicide #39

RocknRoll Suicide

Host: R. Fink

Just when you though things could not get any more fucked up then they already are, we give you Rock’n’Roll Suicide, edition #39. Gettin’ spun this go ’round include the likes of the Contaminators, Ape City R&B, the Teeners, the Zodiac Killers, the Morning Shakes, the Back C.C.’s, the Satelliters and more. Tune in if you’d like… you’ve been warned.

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  1. admin says:


    Redd Kross: S&M Party
    Jim Basnight & the Moberlys: She Got Fucked
    The Neighborhoods: Mess
    The Trashies: I Don’t Know And I Don’t Care
    The Contaminators: Sick Fixation
    The Aversions: Black Alibi
    Career Suicide: Bad Girl
    The Feelers: Achtung Hipster
    The Toyotas: Nobody Likes Me Messin’ Around
    Lulu’s Marble: Ah So!
    The’s: She Was A Mau Mau
    The Back C.C.’s: No More Gasoline In My Car
    The Jetboys: I’m So Crazy
    Ape City R&B: Oh Lil’ Girl
    The Teeners: Ms. 45
    The Epsilons: Papa Told Me
    The Wax Museums: Mosquito
    The Catholic Boys: Maybe Today
    The Spread Eagles: Don’t Talk To The Narc
    The Nasty Habits: Mean Motherfucker
    The Zodiac Killers: Coming After You
    The Final Solutions: In A Coma
    The Morning Shakes: So Fucked Up
    The Pnuemonias: Automatic Pistol
    The Homostupids: Caveman
    The Shanks: Cut Me
    Tu Seras TeribelmenT Gentile: I Need A Kiss
    The Elektras: Theme From The Elektras
    Rock ‘n’ Roll Monkey & the Robots: James Dean Was A Jerk
    bonus cut… got this one after the show was all put together:
    The Satelliters: I’ll Make You Sorry

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