1. nick beef says:

    funny how much soul and r’n’b gets played on these podcasts, but rarely gets adiquatly discussed in the forums…. whatever.

    less talk, mare floor stomp!


  2. george h says:

    Hi, I am loving this show not just number 30… I have put a link to it from my website as well as got the show on My Space… Please Keep the tunes coming….

    all the best from the uk


  3. Mick Sleeper says:

    Rob, your podcast has saved my sanity. We are renovating our offices and I have been forced into tight quarters with two pop music lovers. As a result, my usual listening (reggae, dub, rockabilly, R&B, etc) has been drastically curtailed and I’m forced to listen to crapola all day long. Eventually I couldn’t bear the thought of hearing that f***ing George Michael Christmas tune again, so I grabbed some headphones, punched in garagepunk.com and tuned into Hot Slop. Truly you are a prince amongst men for your fine selections.

  4. Johan says:

    Great show! As always.

    One question:
    What song is it between Chubby Checker: Hey You! Little, and
    Otis Redding: Shout Bamalama? In the show it says that it’s H-Bomb Rock, but that can’t be it. Sounds a bit like Louis Jordan to me.

  5. admin says:


    Clarence Henry: Come On And Dance (Argo)
    Curley Moore: Do What They Wanna Do (Teem)
    Ernie K-Doe: I’m The Boss (Minit)
    James Booker: Cool Turkey (Peacock)
    Al Garris: That’s All (Glodis)
    Bobby Hebb: Atlanta GA (FM)
    Four Pros: Just Another Girl (Carla)
    Huey “Piano” Smith: Don’t You Just Know It (Ace)
    Junior Wells: Cut My Toenail (Bright Star)
    Larry Birdsong: Continental Time (Home Of The Blues)
    Lester Young: Your Handy Man (Angletone)
    Chubby Checker: Hey You! Little Boo-ga-loo (Parkway)
    H-Bomb Ferguson: H-Bomb Rock
    Otis Redding: Shout Bamalama (King)
    Herman Hitson: Ain’t No Other Way (Sweet Rose)
    Larry Williams & Johnny Watson: A Quitter Never Wins (Okeh)
    Johnny Talbot: Pickin’ Cotton (Jasman)
    Eli Paperboy Reed: Walkin’ and Talkin’ (For My Baby)

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