Rock’n’Roll Suicide #38

RocknRoll Suicide

Host: R. Fink

Here we have another case of Rock’n’Roll Suicide. This’ll only take an hour of your time but, the effects will be felt for much longer. Appearances by individuals and combos of questionable character include the Jet Boys, the Shanks, the Del Lames, the Sexual Slurs, the Despondents, Peter Berry & the Shake Set, the Shimmys, Tu Seras Teribliment Gentile and the Chesterfield Kings! It’ll all be over before you know it.

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  1. BRETT says:

    GREAT SET! Particularly liked the Handsome Stranglers towards the end there. Would love it if you either played more of them or another band off of the SAVAGE label. That and more of THE MONSTERS and I’m all set. Keep on doing what you’re doing – I love it.

  2. admin says:


    The Jet Boys: Teenage Thunder (Teenage Thunder Revisited, Demolition
    The Jet Boys: Let’s Rock (Teenage Thunder Revisited, Demolition Derby)
    The Shanks: Ike Turner Blues (Boom Chick)
    The Angry Samoans: Gas Chamber (Back From Samoa, Triple X)
    The Del Lames: I Wanna Know (???)
    The Tuff Bananas: Refrigerator Gator (Dusty Medical)
    Les Cockroaches: Shooby-Doo-Wah (Solid Sex Lovie Doll)
    Peter Berry & the Shake Set: A Hint Of Romance (For Goodness Shake,
    The Shimmys: Go-Go Teen (Drive You Wild!, Off The Hip)
    Tu Seras TeriblimenT Gentile: Boys (Born Bad)
    The Wax Museums: Claw You Like A Cat (Hozac)
    Ape City R&B: Flicker (Infringement)
    Batman & Robin: Whatever! I Hate Rock And Roll (Bachelor)
    The Illegal Movers: You Can’t Kill Rock And Roll (split w/the
    Coyotemen, Captains Of Industry)
    The Epsilons: I Hate Your Face (Killed ’em Deader ‘n A Sick Card Poker
    Hand, Retard Disco)
    The Sexual Slurs: In Your Eyes (Solid Sex Lovie Doll)
    The Despondents: Gotta Get Away (???)
    The Alrightees: Gonna Be Free (Boom Chick)
    The Coconut Coolouts: Spinaround (Heads Up)
    The Chesterfield Kings: Up And Down (Psychedelic Sunrise, Wicked Cool)
    The The Electras: The Electra’s Theme (Bachelor)
    The Eegos: I Had Enough (Shake No Action)
    The Spread Eagles: In The CIA (9-11 Is A Joke)
    The Handsome Stranglers: Carnal Cry (Savage)
    The Low Point Drains: Not Looking At You (Very Rare/Unreleased Crap,
    no label)
    Teenage Head: Bonecrack (s/t)
    The Coyotemen: I Gotta Get Out Of This Town (split w/the Illegal
    Movers, Captains Of Industry)

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