Savage Kick #39

Savage Kick

The summer heat’s finally getting to me. Recorded on the hottest fucking day of the year… actually, the hottest day since the summer of ’84 (105 degrees in the shade), this episode is loaded with equally hot and primal slop & flop by the likes of such rock’n’roll weirdos as the Stomachmouths, the Rippers, Unnatural Axe, CoCoComa, the Rock’n’Roll Adventure Kids, the Gravedigger V, the Lyrics, the Makers, the Little Boy Blues, the Carbonas, Haunted George, the Cheater Slicks, Batman & Robin and much more. Too hot, baby… too hot to handle. Turn it on, turn it up, and try to stay cool…


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  1. admin says:

    Dee Rangers – Turn Your Radio Off
    The Stomachmouths – Wild Trip
    Gravedigger V – Be a Caveman
    The Lyrics – So What
    The Rippers – No
    The Makers – Bust Out
    Rock’n’Roll Adventure Kids – Panties
    The Carbonas – Blackout
    Baby Shakes – Shake Shake
    The Obvious – Surf’s Up, Gang! (PMN)
    Unnatural Axe – (Can’t Wait for the) Summertime
    The Barbarians – What the New Breed Say
    The Little Boy Blues – You Don’t Love Me
    Harlan T. Bobo – Zippers and Jeans
    Haunted George – Ron Campbell
    Rock’n’Roll Adventure Kids – Hot Dog
    Hasil Adkins – No More Hot Dogs
    The Staggers – Justine
    Batman & Robin – Who the Fuck is Superman?!
    Cheater Slicks – Tattoos Are Stupid (PMN)
    Black Time – Downtown (PMN)
    CoCoComa – Fever (PMN)
    Mark & The Spies – Try As I Might

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