Rock’n’Roll Suicide #37

RocknRoll Suicide

Host: R. Fink

With more trash per revolution than anything else on the internets, R. Fink returns once again with more damaged music for damaged folks in this hour of Rock’n’Roll Suicide. Gettin’ spun this go ’round include the likes of the Teeners, the M-80’s, Epsilons, the Catholic Boys, the Wax Museums, the Final Solutions, les Cockroaches, dem Nasty Habits, CoCoComa, the Alrightees, the Electras and much mo’…. this one goes to 11!

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  1. admin says:


    Teeners: Hit Me (Super Secret)
    Candy Apple Killings: Somersault (Solid Sex Lovie Doll)
    M-80’s: Best Kisser (Boom Chick!)
    Hidden Charms: Dial M For Misery (Square Root Of Love, Alien Snatch)
    Epsilons: Cecilia (Killed ’em Deader ‘n A Six Card Poker Hand, Retard
    Catholic Boys: Sick To Death (Trick Knee)
    Clorox Girls: Total Babe (Bachelor)
    Wax Museums: X-Ray My Brain (Rehab)
    Nasty Habits: Mean Motherfucker (Die Slaughterhaus)
    Final Solutions: I’m A Punk (Frick And Frack)
    Les Cockroaches: Nobody Likes Me (Solid Sex Lovie Doll)
    Ape City R&B: No.1 Phantom Killer (Slovenly)
    Plutones: Shoot ’em (P.Trash)
    Boys Club: Gotta Get Right (Almost Ready)
    Statues: Rubber Gloves (New People Make Me Nervous, P.Trash)
    Scorpions: First Love (Bachelor)
    Electras: Nous Sommes Les Electras (Bachelor)
    Len Price 3: Girl Like You (Rent A Crowd, Wicked Cool)
    Cococoma: Fever (Covert Pop)
    Heartattacks: Mental Retard (Ken Rock)
    Tuff Bananas: Dance To Rock And Roll (Three Dimensional)
    Alrightees: Whatcha Doin’ Girl (Boom Chick!)
    Ultra Twist!: Nuclear Bomb (Bubca)
    Touch-Me-Nots: Imbe-Style (Sheldon Munn, Yakasakana)
    Spread Eagles: She’s A Drag (9-11 Is A Joke)
    Traditional Fools: Rock And Roll Baby (Chocolate Covered)
    Boonaraaas: He’s No Good (Swindlebra)
    Konks: Baby Doll (Baby Doll)
    Jet Boys: These Boots Are Made For Walkin’ (Radio Thunder, Get Hip)

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