The Desperate Hour #9

The Desperate Hour

Host: Alex Piandes

What do The Sonics, Tampoffs, Black Clouds, Time Beings, Drusalee & The Dead, and Bobby Day & The Satellites have in common? Absolutely nothing, except that they’re all featured in the 9th episode of The Desperate Hour. Alex throws together a motley mix of garage, punk, garage punk, R&B, novelty tunes, and cheesy pop from MP3s, compilations and crusty old 45s for your listening displeasure.

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  1. Lacey Piper says:

    I noticed The 9th episode of The Desperate Hour, with Alex Piandes featured “Drusalee and The Dead”. My father was the keyboardist in the band. Does anyone know where I can find a copy of their old 45’ “Lily”? If anyone has any information for me I would greatly appreciate it.
    Thank you
    Lacey Piper

  2. admin says:


    *Atilla The Hun: Mojo Cools
    (V/A Rich Sounds Of The 60’s, Vol. 1/no label)
    original 7″ released on Beaux-Art Sound, 1966

    *The Sonics: The Witch
    (Here Are…reissue/Norton, 1998)
    LP originally released on Etiquette, 1964

    *Emmett Lord: Women
    (V/A Sin Alley, Vol. 3 LP/Crypt)
    unknown original label & release date

    (bed) The Cyclones: Take Off
    (V/A Wolf Call!/Norton, 1999)
    original 7″ released on Cycle, 1964

    *The Aztecs: World Of Woe
    (V/A Quagmire, Vol. 5/Finest Hour, 2005)
    unknown original label & release

    *The Terminals: Ritual
    Mp3 downloaded from the Podsafe Music Network
    Posted to Podsafe by the band, 4/1/2007

    *The In-Vaders: By The Sea
    (V/A No Tease/Teenage Shutdown, 2000)
    original 7″ released on Music Town, 1966

    (bed) Sandy Nelson: Viva Nelson
    (Beat That Drum/Imperial, 1961)

    *The Tampoffs: All The Time
    (CD EP/no label, 2003)

    *The Time Beings: Why Don’t You Love Me
    (V/A Beasts Of The East/Voxx, 1986)
    also appears on the Time Beings CD “It’s About Time”

    *The Black Clouds: Cash My Check
    Mp3 downloaded from the Noise Board Mp3 forum, 2005

    *The Rotten Lovers: Anthem
    Mp3 downloaded from the Noise Board Mp3 forum, 2005

    (bed) Dave “Baby” Cortez: The Happy Organ
    (7″/Clock, 1959)

    *The Chants: Hypnotized
    (V/A Highs In The Mid-60’s, Vol. 11: Texas, Part One/A.I.P., 1984)
    original 7″ released on B.Ware, 1966

    *Drusalee & The Dead: Lily
    (V/A Hang It Out To Dry!/Satan, 1994)
    unknown original label & release date

    *Bobby Day & The Satellites: Rockin’ Robin
    (V/A Spotlite On Class Records, Vol. 2/Collectables, 1995)
    original 7″ released on Class, 1958

    *Lue Cazz: The Walk
    (7″/Vee Jay, 1963)

    (bed) Buddy McKnight: Everytime, Pt. 2
    (V/A Vital Organs/Groovy Sounds Unlimited, 1999)
    original 7″ released on Renfro, unknown date

    *The Galaxies & The Regulars: Ride Your Horse
    (V/A Bug Out! Vol. 2/Candy)
    unknown original label & release date

    *Morning Tymes: On Top
    (V/A It’s A Hard Life/Lance, 1999)
    original 7″ released on Maad, 1968

    *Tommy & The Heartbeats: Come On Darling
    (V/A One Hand In The Darkness/Lance, 2005)
    original 7″ released on Princess, 1967

    *Shadows Four: Heart Of Wood
    (V/A N.E. Teen Scene CD/Arf! Arf! 1994)
    original 7″ released on Fleetwood, 1965

    (bed) The Out-Islanders: Ebb Tide
    (Polynesian Fantasy/Capitol, 1961)

    *The Brinstones: It’s All Over Now But The Crying
    (V/A Pebbles, Vol. 17/A.I.P., 1985)
    original 7″ released on M-G-M, 1967

  3. Larry Weldin says:

    Actually, it wasn’t the “Morning Tymes” (On Top) It’s the “Mourning Tymes”. I’ll send you a scan of an original poster if you’d like. You got the label and the song right, just not the spelling.

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