Hot Slop #28

Hot Slop

Host: Rob Baker

20 sides of rampant and smolderin’ hot R&B music. Hop on for the ride—you’ll hear only the finest sister shouters, northern bangers, instro titty shakers, hand-clappers and even a few Georgia soul records. Could this be this year’s perfect party mixer?

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  1. admin says:


    Jimmy Shaw: Big Chief Hug-Um An’ Kiss-Um (Imperial)
    Lorenzo Holden: The Wig (Cee-Jam)
    Etta James: Seven Day Fool (Argo)
    Big Maybelle: 96 Tears (Rojac)
    Jimmy Holiday: I’ve Been Done Wrong (Diplomacy)
    Tony Clarke: Ain’t Love Good Ain’t Love Proud (Chess)
    Roy Lee Johnson: Boogaloo #3 (Josie)
    Eugene Church: Good News (Rendezvous)
    Phil Flowers: You Little Devil (Josie)
    Grover Mitchell: That’s A Good Idea (Vee-Jay)
    Bobby Bland: Getting Used To The Blues (Duke)
    Freddy King: You’re Barking Up The Wrong Tree (Federal)
    Hoagy Lands: Baby Let Me Hold Your Hand (Atlantic)
    Jimmy McCracklin: Let The Door Hit You (Minit)
    Dynamics: I’m The Man (Bigtop)
    K.C. Russell: How Tired I Am (Uptown)
    Frank Williams’ Rocketeers: You Got To Be A Man (Phil La of Soul)
    Gardenias: Houdini (Hi-Q)
    Dr. Feelgood & The Interns: Dr. Feelgood To The Rescue (Master Sound)
    Gino Parks: That’s No Lie (Tamla)

  2. VickyBordel says:

    Etta James: Seven Day Fool

    just can’t stop loving this song

    hot slop is the best podcast ever, even in 2010!

    thank you so much for making my work day go so fast with your music!

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