Out of the Vaults, Into Your Ears #17

Out of the Vaults, Into Your Ears

The Humpers – Live in St. Louis (February 25, 1996)

Thanks to Jim Utz for this soundboard recording of The Humpers live at Cicero’s basement bar, Feb. 25, 1996… The band had just been to town about seven months earlier, but on their second trip through they packed a lot more punch, played a lot tighter, had a more energetic set, and the crowd definitely responded better, so all-in-all considered, I thought this was the better of the two sets, and is presented here as part of the Out of the Vaults series (the first new episode in over four months). Enjoy!



  1. Billy says:

    Love the Humpers but never got the chance to see them play, so thanks for posting the show Kopper!

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