Rock’n’Roll Suicide #34

RocknRoll Suicide

Host: R. Fink


July 4th? If’n your expecting songs of John Philip Sousa, John Mellencamp, Lee Greenwood and other patriotic-type songs to watch things explode by, you’ve came to the wrong place. R. Fink returns with another hour rock and roll music to get you through another fucked up holiday. No “Yankee Doodle Dandy” to be found here! This go ’round we dip into a couple of them GaragePunk forum comps. We also hit up some modern maulers such as the likes of Bob Burns & the Breakups, the Fatals, the Okmoniks, Mark & the Spies and much, much mo’.

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  1. admin says:


    The Mystics: Dan (Workin’ Out)
    The Vi-Dels: Walking Down The Street (Wretched and Unworthy)
    Ronnie Williams: Move A Little Bit Closer (Don’t Put Me On)
    Danny Bunk & the Invaders: Ain’t Going Away (Don’t Put Me On)
    The Chaparral Trio: Roxanne (Don’t Put Me On)
    The American Teens: Shake Shake Baby (Don’t Put Me On)
    The Surfaris: Go Go For Louie’s Place (Fun In The USA)
    The Blossoms: Little Louie (Capitol)
    The Rockatones: Bad Girl (Don’t Put Me On)
    Dickie Harrell: Goon Bat (Drums, Drums And More Drums)
    Mark & the Spies: We Got A Groovy Thing Going On (Butterfly)
    The Boonaraaas: Stop Thief (5 Steps Ahead)
    The Intellectuals: Soul Food (Black Domania Now)
    The Okmoniks: It’s Not You (new stuff)
    The Retainers: She Likes To Get Attention (Plastic Idol)
    The Fatals: Soiree Fatale (P.Trash)
    The Brimstone Howl: Visceral Teen Rock (Seven Mean Runs)
    Bob Burns & the Break Ups: Real Live Girl (Terminal Breakdown)
    The Pneumonias: Computer Girl (Frantic City)
    The Pappys: Hit And Run (Dance With The…)
    The Midways: A Girl Like You (Manners Manners)
    The Confusers: Knock Knock (P.Trash)
    The Epsilons: I Saw You On TV (Retard Disco)
    Jerk Alert: Murder (Eradicator)
    Cheap Time: Jet Set (Sweet Rot)
    Head: Alien Autobiography (No Hugging, No Learning)
    Butch, Peggy & Little John: It Must Be Love (Don’t Put Me On)
    The Baby Shakes: Radio Rendezvous (demo)

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