Nasty Grind #5

Nasty Grind

Host: Lord Muck

Each Nasty Grind has been scientifically pre-measured to guarantee you the whitest wash you can get every time. Not just some of the time, not half the time, but every time. Each tablet contains new wonder ingredients The Dirty, Tub Johnson, The Craig, Big Foot Chester and Kootie & The Bedbugs. So reach for Lord Muck’s Nasty Grind and lift that spot clean out! Fights unpleasant household odours too!!

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  1. Trevor Smith says:

    Rockin show your lordship. Loved the adverts. They were a hoot !
    As for the punk show, how about “New Religon” by Nottinghams own Some Chicken. Also what happened to the promised Dr Feelgood track ? Keep it up !

  2. Lord Muck says:

    Cheers guys!! The punkshow is half recorded now so no room for Some Chicken now, but a good call anyway Trev. Could use that tip later… As for the Feelgoods, watch and wait, their time will come, but up to now they haven’t been the perfect selection for a show if you know what I mean. Glad you’re likin’ Nasty Grind – number 6 will be the punk stuff that used to go down at The Goldsmiths Tavern, New Cross, when I dj’d the punk nights there. Then it will be back to the usual mixed up shit I normally play…

    Here’s the playlist for this one:

    London Rocker – Screaming Lord Sutch (Screaming Lord Sutch & The
    Savages, Ace, 1991)
    Cinnamon – The Dirty (7″, Dirty Water Records, 2006)
    Drug Train – The Monsters (The Hunch, Voodoo Rhythm, 1992)
    Emergency Cases – The Undertones (The Undertones, Sanctuary, 2004)
    Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl – The Barbarians (The Barbarians,
    Sundazed, 2000)
    Shimmy Shakin’ Daddy – The Maddox Brothers + Rose (The Roots Of
    Rockabilly 1940-53, Indigo, 2004)
    Twist Fever – Arch Hall & The Archers (Wild Wild World of Mondo, Big
    Beat, 2004)
    Tub’s Twist – Tub Johnson (Their Sympathetic Majesties Request,
    Sympathy…, 2003)
    Continental Missile – The Chantays (2 Sides of The Chantays/Pipeline,
    Repetoire, 1990)
    Pills – Stepping Stones (Pebbles Vol 11: Northern California, Archive
    Int’l/AIP, 2007)
    Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out) – The Hombres (Elizabethtown
    Soundtrack, 2005)
    Over The Wall – Kootie & The Bedbugs (Rockin’ Acetates, Collector,
    You Two-Timed Me One Time Too Often – Johnny Carrol (Rock Baby Rock
    It, Bear Family, 1996)
    Honky Tonk Hardwood Floor – Johnny Horton (Whistle Bait, 2000)
    Scramble – Jimmy Stevens & Dela McCarthy (Rocky Hoodlums Go Maximum,
    Collector, 2000)
    I Ain’t Dead Yet – The Breakers (Pebbles 10, AIP, 1996)
    We Ain’t Got Nothin’ Yet – The Spectres (Freakbeat Freakout, Castle,
    I Must Be Mad – The Craig (Nuggets 2, Rhino, 2001)
    Harpoon Man – Big Foot Chester (Root Damage, Sympathy…, 2003)
    The Earth Is Crying – Link Wray (Missing Links Vol 3, Norton, 2006)
    5 O’clock World – The Vogues (The Vogues Greatest Hits, Rhino,1990)

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