Savage Kick #35

Here’s a hodge podge of garage and rockabilly this time out, most of it from vinyl. Hear new slabs from labels like Norton, Soundflat, Big Muddy and Felony Fidelity, including Mary Weiss, The Vultures, The Mezcal Brothers, Bloodshot Bill, The Neins, Howie and The Hotknives, The Dictators, The Black Lips, Thee Midniters, The Keggs, Los Saicos, The Monsters, Muck and The Mires, Curlee Wurlee, The Staggers, South Filthy and more.



  1. admin says:

    Ghetto Ways – Looking for Action (The Party Bag 7″/Wicked Singles)
    Big Fun – Passing the Time (7″/Put-On)
    Mary Weiss – Don’t Come Back (7″/Norton)
    The Vultures – Obsolete (split 7″ w/ Johnny O & The Jerks/Big Muddy)
    Johnny O & The Jerks – Animal (split 7″ w/The Vultures/Big Muddy)
    The Mezcal Bros. – Brunette Baby (7″/Speed! Nebraska)
    Bloodshot Bill – Rat Fink (???)
    The Neins – Crybaby (7″/Felony Fidelity)
    The Night Slaves – Switchblade Heartbeat (Tell on You 7″/Felony Fidelity)
    Howie and The Hotknives – Young Fun (7″/Felony Fidelity)
    The Dictators – 16 Forever (7″/Norton)
    The Black Lips – What to Do (split 7″ w/Demon’s Claws/Norton)
    The Vikings – I Need Your Lovin’ (7″/Norton)
    Thee Midniters – I Found a Peanut (7″/Norton)
    Thee Midniters – Everybody Needs Somebody to Love (7″/Norton)
    The Trolls – Walking Shoes (Pebbles Vol. 11/AIP)
    The Keggs – Girl (Back From the Grave Pt. 3/Crypt)
    Los Saicos – El Entierro de Los Gatos (Mas Rock and Roll/Electro Harmonix)
    The Monks – Boys Are Boys and Girls Are Choice (Black Monk Time/Repertoire)
    The Monsters – Blues for Joe (I Still Love Her 7″/Soundflat)
    Muck and The Mires – That’s What I Want (1-2-3-4/Soundflat)
    Curlee Wurlee – Can’t Make You Mine (Oui Oui…/Soundflat)
    Cool Jerks – Autobahn Fahrn’ – Aus Dem Weg!/Soundflat)
    The Staggers – Do the Ripper (Teenage Trash Insanity/Soundflat)
    South Filthy – I Like Beer (Crackin’ Up/Licorice Tree)

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