Savage Kick #34

Savage Kick

Yours Truly treads on some neo-psych, mod, glam, and acid-drenched noise territory on this new episode of Savage Kick, featuring mind-altering music from bands such as The Loons, The Mirrors, The Gris Gris, American Death Ray, Baby Woodrose, The Embrooks, The Creatures of the Golden Dawn, Satan’s Cheerleaders, The Cuts, The Time Flys, The Rich Boys, and more. Tune in, turn on, and drop out.



  1. admin says:

    Playlist for Savage Kick #34:

    The Loons – Another Life (Paraphernalia/UT)
    Satan’s Cheerleaders – Gloomy Sunday (Infinity/SFTRI)
    The Mirrors – Lonely Sunday (A Green Dream/Birdman)
    The Gris Gris – Ecks Em Eye (For the Season/Birdman)
    The Gris Gris – For the Season (For the Season/Birdman)
    The Creatures of the Golden Dawn – Hurricane Fighter Plane (The Red
    Krayola) (An Incident at Owl Creek Bridge/Get Hip)
    Baby Woodrose – I Lost You in My Mind (Dropout!/Bad Afro)
    Baby Woodrose – I Don’t Ever Want to Come Down (Dropout!/Bad Afro)
    Viva L’American Death Ray Music – Push and Pull (A New Commotion…/
    Viva L’American Death Ray Music – Air (Satelites and Shooting Stars)
    (Smash Radio Hits/SFTRI)
    Mark Sultan – Unicorn Rainbow Odyssey (The Sultanic Verses/In the Red)
    The Turpentine Brothers – Why Can’t I Do (We Don’t Care About Your
    Good Times/Alive)
    Lord High Fixers – A Poem/Love at Psychedelic Velocity (Is Your Club a
    Secret Weapon?/Estrus)
    The Embrooks – Back in My Mind (Yellow Glass Perspections/Munster)
    The Cuts – I’m Not Down (From Here on Out/Birdman)
    The Time Flys – This Is Stoner Rock (Rebels of Babylon)
    The Rich Boys – I Gotta Go (From their MySpace page)

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