Savage Kick #33

Savage Kick

Yep, here’s the thirty-third freakin’ episode of Savage Kick, featuring music from bands such as Thee Mighty Caesars, Pure Country Gold, The Kaisers, The Ugly Beats, Nikki Corvette & The Stingrays, The Seeds, 13th Floor Elevators, The Fevers, Th’ Losin Streaks, The Black Lips, Demon’s Claws, The Time Flys, Brimstone Howl, The Routes, Supercharger, The Mummies, as well as a killer new cut from Mark Sultan and a few others. Put the Kick in your head, NOW…



  1. charlesgaskins says:

    HAHA! There is totally an edge to your voice when you said my name. I can’t help it that sexy ladies, the Japanese, and old men like leaving me voice mail on the comment line!

    And good show!
    Especially when you played Time Machine.

  2. admin says:

    Playlist for Savage Kick #33:

    Thee Mighty Caesars – Lie Detector
    Mark Sultan – Something Wrong
    Pure Country Gold – Jealous Mind
    The Kaisers – She’s Gonna Two Time
    Kaiser George & The Hi-Risers – I’m Gonna Haunt You
    The Ugly Beats – You’re the One
    Nikki Corvette and The Stingrays – Tokyo Boy
    Screaming Lord Sutch – I’m a Hog for You
    Jack Donovan and The Knight Caps – Time Machine
    The Second Helping – Let Me In
    The Seeds – Tripmaker
    13th Floor Elevators – Levitation
    The Fevers – Love’s Gettin’ Better
    Th’ Losin Streaks – Beg, Steal or Borrow
    The Mojomatics – The Last Train
    The Black Lips – Time of the Scab
    Demon’s Claws – Tomcat
    The Time Flys – Lil’ L.A.
    Brimstone Howl – I’m a Man
    The Routes – Make You Sorry
    The Secondhands – Justine
    Supercharger – Zodiac
    The Mummies – Zip a Dee Doo Dah
    Haunted George – Song for World Peace

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