The Desperate Hour #5

The Desperate Hour

April Love Gone Bad!

Host: Alex Piandes

Spring has sprung and the 5th episode of The Desperate Hour celebrates April Love Gone Badnot just love that’s gone horribly wrong but love that is, well, bad. It’ll feature a couple more forgotten 70’s Top-Tenners of the latin and soul persuasion as well as some easy listening favorites from the Oblivians, Gonn, The Torquays, and Thee Mighty Caesars. Alex wishes to thank Killed By Porn‘s Duke Eastwood for the assist on the sound effects.

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  1. l*lli says:

    8.30 in the morning: i love the 1st song… that once i had in a tape… i don’t know nothing about it: who’s singing? & what about the name of the song?

  2. Victora says:

    I agree with the above comment. I didn’t catch the name of the band for the first song? any idea as to where I could get hold of it? Thanks.

  3. admin says:


    *Bracey Everett: The Lover’s Curse (V/A Desperate Rock ‘n’ Roll, Vol. 5/no label)
    original 7″ released on Atlantic, 1959

    *Joe Simon: Drowning In The Sea Of Love (Drowning In The Sea Of Love/Spring, 1971)
    (written by Gamble & Huff. Reached #3 R & B, #11 Pop, fall of 1971)

    *The New Breed: Wasting My Time (V/A The Polaris Records Story/Arf! Arf!/Bacchus Archives, 1991)
    original 7″ released on Polaris, 1965

    (bed) The Venturi Tubes: Swinging Reaper (V/A Blunderbuss: Scattershot Sleaze, 1958-67/One Shot, 2004)
    original release date and label unknown

    *Chris Clark: Love’s Gone Bad (V/A One Kiss Can Lead To Another: The Girl Group Sound, Lost & Found/Rhino, 2005)
    original 7″ released on Motown/VIP, 1966

    *Gonn: Doin’ Me In (The Loudest Band In Town/Beat Rocket, 1999)
    recorded in 1967, previously unreleased

    *Classic Ruins: Geraldine, I Need Money (More Than I Need You) (Lassie Eats Chickens/Throbbing Lobster, 1986)

    (bed) The Vaqueros: 69 (V/A Sixties Rebellion, Vol. 4: The Go Go/Way Back)
    original 7″ released on Studio City, release date unknown

    *The Passions: Lively One (V/A I’m A No-Count/Teenage Shutdown, 1996)
    original 7″ released on Pic, 1965

    *Thee Mighty Caesars: Devious Means (Surely They Were The Sons Of God CD/Crypt, 1990)
    originally included on the 1987 Hangman LP “Don’t Give Any Dinner To Henry Chianski”

    *The Oblivians: You Fucked Me Up, You Put Me Down (Popular Favorites/Crypt, 1996)

    (bed) The U.S.Rockets: Bodacious (V/A Frolic Diner, Part 2 CD/Romulan)
    unknown original label and release date. Produced by Kim Fowley

    *Jimmy Rabbit & The Karats: Pushover (V/A Texas Flashbacks, Vol. 2/Way Back)
    original 7″ released on Southern Sound, 1965

    *Connie Lingus: Fuck Me Forever (V/A The Big Itch, Vol. 6/Mr. Manicotti)
    unknown original label and release date

    *Chakachas: Jungle Fever (7″/Polydor, 1972)
    (#8 Pop, Jan. 1972)

    *The Friggs: Bad Word For A Good Thing (7″/Telstar, 1993)

    *The Torquays: Stolen Moments (V/A Garage Punk Unknowns, Part Two CD/Crypt)
    original 7″ released on Colpix, 1965

    (bed) Michael John & The Pendulums: You’re The Wrong Girl (V/A Buzz, Buzzz, Buzzzzz, Vol. 2/Arf! Arf!, 2000)
    original 7″ released on Bob-Ke, unknown release date

    *Bobby Merchan: You Can’t Stop Her (V/A Mark Lamarr’s Ace Is Wild!/West Side, 1998)
    original 7″ released on Ace, 1958

    *Zippo Raid: Racetrack Beer Slut (The Special Olympics Of Punk Rock/self-release, 2005)

    *Helen Shapiro: Woe Is Me (A’s, B’s, & EP’s/EMI Gold, 2003)
    originally included on the Columbia LP “Helen In Nashville” 1963

    *The Beaux Jens: She Was Mine (V/A Back From The Grave, Vol. 6/Crypt, 1986)
    original 7″ released on Sound Of The Sceen, 1967

    (bed) Satan’s Pilgrims: Music To Watch Girls By (At Home With…/eMpTy, 1994)

    *Lyn & The Invaders: Boy Is Gone (V/A Girls In The Garage, Pt. 1 CD/Romulan)
    original 7″ released on Fenton, 1966

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