Savage Kick #30

Savage Kick

Danger, mystery, thrills… or at least 75 minutes of damned good music, you be the judge. The police sirens blare all across America’s Most Dangerous City as Yours Truly reaches into his leather jacket to pull out savage beats from hard-hitting bands such as The Dictators, DMZ, April March, Ko and The Knockouts, Dead Moon, The Mystery Girls, Jack-O and The Tennessee Tearjerkers, The Touch-Me-Nots, Thee Exciters, Thee Fine Lines, Mente, Frustration, Cheater Slicks and plenty more… it’ll hit ya like a slug to your noodle, sweetie.



  1. bolt upright says:

    thursdays my favorite fuckin day……u know why???savage kick and backwoods beach party…… if i was gay i’d love you long time…………..keep on kickin my keep on..

  2. laurent says:


    Great Garage kickass show!

    Even lost in the middle of the Highlands we still listen to your tunes.

    Keep on Rock ‘n’ Rolling!

    Les BOF!
    UK Premier french garage band.

  3. dooof says:

    Great stuff, what i always was searching for. Recommended for having a couple of bottles of red vine on thursdays….

  4. Johnny says:

    Great show as always. I thought I’d lost you when I didn’t hear you on KDHX! Whew! But alas found you here.

    Keep it sic….

  5. admin says:


    April March – Bust Out
    April March – Chick Habit
    Ko and the Knockouts – Wasted All Those Tears
    Dead Moon – Crazy to the Bone
    Mystery Girls – Wild One/Tin Star
    Jack-O & The Tennessee Tearjerkers – Flipside Kid
    The Alarm Clocks – More Money
    The Shadows of Knight – It Takes a Long Time Comin’ (Live)
    Lords of Altamont – Knock Knock
    Tav Falco & Panther Burns – The Young Psychotics
    The Touch-Me-Nots – Imbe-Style (PMN)
    Thee Exciters – Spending Cash, Talking Trash (PMN)
    Thee Fine Lines – I Don’t
    The Dictators – The Savage Beat
    The Saints – Do the Robot
    DMZ – Watch for Me Girl
    Mente – Bobby Orr
    The Obvious – Down on the Stroll
    Frustration- Blind
    Grafton – Run My Mouth
    The Monkeywrench – The Empty Place
    Cheater Slicks – Possession

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