Rock’n’Roll Suicide #27

RocknRoll Suicide

Host: R. Fink

Hang on as we go rippin’ through another hour of Rock’n’Roll Suicide. Join R. Fink as he continues the debauchery with the likes of the Local Oafs (P.Trash), the Remenbers (Plastic Idol), the Ka-Nives (Lance Rock), Long John Thomas & the Duffs (Wormtone), and a whole bunch more. No doubt some of the selections here within were influenced by a recent screening of that American Hardcore flick.

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  1. admin says:


    The FU’s: Preskool Dropout (This Is Boston, Not LA)
    Loli & the Chones: Dropout (PS We Hate You)
    Career Suicide: Fall Out (Anthology Of Releases 2001-2003)
    Channel 3: Manikin (The Skinhead Years)
    The Local Oafs: I’m The P To The I Ending Up With The G (Too Dumb To
    Reason, Too Fucked Up To Dream)
    The Toyotas: TV Injection (…Make Headlines)
    The Angry Samoans: Hot Cars (The Unboxed Set)
    The Nervous Eaters: Just Head (Eaterville)
    The Remenbers: It’s (Plastic Idol)
    The Shimmys: Shot Down (Shake Stomp Shimmy)
    The Hi-Risers: That’s Gotta Be My Baby (In The Spotlight)
    Long John Thomas & the Duffs: Uh Huh, Oh Yeah (Presenting…)
    Neanderthals: Too Many Nights In The Gin Mill (The Latest Menace To
    The Human Race)
    The Ka-Nives: Katobi Rock And Roll (Get Duped)
    The Ka-Nives: Wild One (Get Duped)
    The Love Me Nots: Keep On Talking (In Black And White)
    Thee 50’s High Teens: Loco-Motion (Wild Sazanami Beat)
    The Rock-A-Hulas: Gonna Loose Control (Bad Seed Is Coming To Town)
    Lust-O-Rama: Run From Her (21 Lustful Songs)
    The Coyote Men: Loopey Lopez (Vendetta)
    The Makeouts: Ohh Ohh (Bachelor)
    The Drunken Cholos: I Want Chinese Food (Livin’ La Vida Loco)
    The Queers: Monkey In A Suit (Munki Brain)
    The Jet Boys: Stupid Jerk (Jumpin’ Jet Flash)
    Bo Diddley: Scuttle Bug (The Chess Years)
    Spandecks: Cheerleader And Her Mini Skirt Bomb (s/t)

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