Savage Kick #28

Savage Kick

Sin and Salvation!

Rock’n’roll to save your soul on this 28th episode of Savage Kick. Join the good Reverend K in the First Church of Holy Rock’n’Roll as he shows you the guiding light of REAL righteous rock’n’roll from such musical saviors as Selwyn Cox, King Louie, Reverend Beat-Man, The Knights of the New Crusade, The Sonics, Sonic Love Affair, The Pink Fits, The Soledad Brothers, The Mono Men, The Preacher’s Kids, The Consumers, The Woggles, Demon’s Claws, the Oblivians, The Black Lips, and more! See you in church, brothers and sisters.



  1. Thomas "Horton" says:

    I was a sinner. Well I am still a sinner, but the good reverend here has helped me come to terms with it.

  2. Dan Frenetic says:

    Wow!!!!! I just listened to this and it was the most rockin’ set I’ve heard yet on!!!! Amen!! Amazing music, and the great thing is that almost none of it I had heard/known about before. Now I have a list of records to buy……

  3. admin says:


    Bill Lee – If Jesus Came to Your House (V/A: It’s Finking Time!/
    Selwyn Cox – His Name Is Jesus (V/A: Wavy Gravy/Beware)
    King Louie One Man Band – Jesus Loves My One Man Band (Jesus Loves My
    One Man Band/Extra Ball)
    The 7-10 Splits – Jesus Got a Hammer (Yard Sale/Big Neck)
    Lightning Beat-Man – Beam Me Up Jesus (7″/Voodoo Rhythm)
    Reverend Beat-Man and The Un-Believers – You Don’t Have to Do It (Get
    on Your Knees/Voodoo Rhythm)

    Satan and Satan’s Roses – I’m a Devil (V/A: The Big Itch Vol. 8/Mr.
    The Knights of the New Crusade – Temptation of a Hipster/Lipstick
    Lesbian (A Challenge to the Cowards of Christendom/Alternative
    T. Valentine – Hello Lucille Are You a Lesbian? (T. Valentine/Norton)
    Freddie & the Hitch-Hikers – Sinners (Songs the Cramps Taught Us (V/A:
    Songs the Cramps Taught Us Vol. 1/NA)
    The Sonics – He’s Waitin’ (Boom/Norton)

    The Woggles – Sinner Needs Savin’ (Soul Sizzling 7″ Meltdown/Chicken
    The Mono Men – Sin #1 (Have a Nice Day, Motherfucker/Estrus)
    The Preacher’s Kids – Be Sure Your Sins (Will Find You Out) (Wild
    Emotions/Get Hip)
    Demon’s Claws – Satan’s Little Pet Pig (Satan’s Little Pet Pig/In the
    The Cripplers – Church of the Holy Spook (One More for the Bad Guys/
    The Consumers – Punk Church (All My Friends Are Dead/In the Red)
    Sonic Love Affair – Street Preacher (SLA/DRR)
    The Pink Fits – Bible Basher (Fuzzyard Gravebox/Off the Hip)

    The Soledad Brothers – Gospel According to John (self-titled/Estrus)
    The Gun Club – Preaching the Blues (Fire of Love/Slash)
    Sons of David – My Work Will Be Done (V/A: Fine Recording Studio
    Gospel Highlights/NA)
    Oblivians – I May Be Gone (How Long) (Play 9 Songs With Mr. Quintron/
    Oblivians – Indian in Me (Best of the Worst/SFTRI)
    The Black Lips – Fad (The Black Lips/Bomp)
    The Black Lips – Juvenile (Arriba Tijuana/Vice)

    The Black Lips – Buried Alive (Arriba Tijuana/Vice)

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