Savage Kick #27

More budget rock, more trash, more sleaze on this 27th episode of Savage Kick. C’mon let’s go!! Oblivians, Rat Traps, Magnetix, Plutones, Los Raw Gospels, Retainers, Purple Wizard, Sons of Cyrus, Sons of Hercules, Ghetto Ways, Thee Crucials, Spites, Wongs, Henry Fiat’s Open Sore, Spider Babies, Bloody Hollies, Child Molesters, Dogs, Screamin’ Mee-Mees, Gizmos, plus a set of ’60s punk that’s guaranteed to knock ya flat on your ass. Prepare to get punked.



  1. admin says:


    Oblivians – Motorcycle Leather Boy (Live in St. Louis)
    Rat Traps – Tennessee Rock’n’Roll
    The Magnetix – Time After Time
    The Magnetix – Back to Trash
    The Plutones – Fan of You
    Los Raw Gospels – Rotten Heart
    Retainers – Lose It
    Purple Wizard – I’m Not Angry
    Sons of Cyrus – What to Do
    The Sons of Hercules – Used to Be Cool
    Ghetto Ways – Got a Feelin’
    Thee Crucials – Squares Beware
    Spites – Cheap Beer, Fast Cars and Girls
    The Wongs – Get Away
    Henry Fiat’s Open Sore – Satan’s Boy
    The Spider Babies – Gonna Get Real Hurt
    The Swamp Rats – Louie Louie
    Eccentrics – Podunk Holler
    The Plague – Go Away
    Murphy & the Mob – Born Loser
    Ty Wagner With the Scotchmen – I’m a No Count
    Huns – Shakedown
    The Child Molesters – I Wanna Punch You in the Face
    The Dogs – Slash Your Face
    The Screamin’ Mee-Mees – The Grand Old Duke of York/York Aftershock
    The Gizmos – Human Garbage Disposal
    The Bloody Hollies – The Rain

  2. Rockin' Rod Strychnine says:

    Sounded a little hard on yourself for calling your show Savage Punk…but I understand how you could make that mistake. I’m sure others have called it that as well.

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