State of Mynd #7

State of Mynd

Host: Nick

New Jersey, the armpit capital of the US. Home to Bon Jovi, Skid Row, Cinderella, and dozens of other musical disasters. It seemed at one time that New Jersey had a chance to become a small rock ‘n’ roll center, but it all went horribly wrong. On this episode of State of Mynd, Nick takes us back to New Jersey when rock ‘n’ roll mayhem was possible. Even in the ’60s only a few brave souls attempted to bask in rock ‘n’ roll’s awful ways… when they did they put out some great 45s. They’re all here armed and ready to make the hair-metal bands run screaming on this jam-packed 85-minute episode of State of Mynd featuring Jersey garage bands of the ’60s. Podcast


  1. wesley presley says:

    I love your shows. I like to burn them onto cd and play it at work but you always make them just a few minutes to long to burn, Damn!

  2. kopper says:

    You should just get an iPod then. Subscribe to the feed, you get the shows automatically and your iPod would be updated automatically so ya wouldn’t have to download them. And then obviously no need to burn CDs, and it wouldn’t matter how long the shows are… This is the advantage of podcasting! Get with the program. 😉

  3. Nick says:

    yeah I like to go overboard sometimes- too many songs. Too many I don’t want to leave out! You could always edit it down it if it comes to that (with a program that’s free like audacity) or get into the ipod method as mentioned by Kopper which is easy, that is if you have an ipod though.

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