Savage Kick #26

Lotsa budget rock included on this, the 26th episode of Savage Kick. In fact, about two sets’ worth. Boys and goyles doin’ it. Then there’s also some ’60s garage slop and some greasy, dance-floor movin’ R&B shakers, and a coupla new cuts from bands like The Hipshakes and Pure Country Gold. Some of the other stuff featured include The Brentwoods, The Trashwomen, The Silverkings, The Hot Pockets, The Montells, The Astronauts, The Mighty Hannibal, Gino Washington, Bad Times, and… what the fuck am I telling you all this shit for? Just listen, ya lazy sonsobitches!


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    Yuzo Kayama & The Launchers – Black Sand Beach
    The Brentwoods – Go Go Shingle & Shake
    The Donnas – Get Rid of That Girl
    The Trashwomen – Cum on Baby
    The Sultanas – You’re the One
    The Montells – Don’t Put Me Down (Uncensored)
    The Deep Six – Last Time Around
    The Stone Cutters – Fellow Slave
    Jack Bedient & The Chessmen – Glimmer Sunshine
    Jack Bedient & The Chessmen – Double Whammy
    The Astronauts – Tomorrow’s Gonna Be Another Day
    The Mighty Hannibal – Jerkin’ the Dog
    Gino Washington – Out of This World
    Little Booker aka Joe Tex – Open the Door
    Don Gardner – My Baby Likes to Boogaloo
    Terry Clements & The Tune Tones – She’s My Baby Doll
    Pat Cupp & The Flying Saucers – Long Gone Daddy
    The Silverkings – Kick the Door Down
    The Silverkings – You’re Gonna Get the Axe
    The Hipshakes – Stick Around
    The Fe Fi Fo Fums – Bad Habit
    The Micronotz – Run My Life
    The Hentchmen – Yesterday’s Trash
    The Hot Pockets – Rock ‘n’ Roll City
    Bad Times – Before We’re Dead and Gone
    Pure Country Gold – King of Cortisone

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