The Desperate Hour #2

The Desperate Hour

Host: Alex Piandes

In episode #2 of The Desperate Hour, Alex explores crime and punishment with a dash of frustration, suicide, gang wars, plus a catfight thrown in for good measure. He runs the gamut from ’60s garage to R&B to rockabilly to C&W to soul to ’90s punk to girl groups and it takes him nearly an entire hour to tell this story of violence. Well, he never was one for brevity… Podcast


  1. Gaby says:

    Hey! I’m listening to this podcast, but my english is not that good enough to catch some bands I really liked in this episode. Will you post a list with all the bands and song? Thanks! Great podcast!

  2. kopper says:

    Here’s the playlist for this podcast:

    *The Mystic Tide: Frustration (Solid Sound…Solid Ground/Distortions,
    original 7″ released on Solid Sound, 1967

    *Fireworks: Murdered Model (Set The World On Fire/Crypt, 1994)

    *The Drags: I Like To Die (45×3/eMpTy)
    original 7″ released on Resin Records, release date unknown

    (bed) The Avengers VI: Time Bomb (V/A Lost Legends of Surf Guitar IV:
    Shockwave!/Sundazed, 2005)
    original track released on the LP “Real Cool Hits” on the Mark 56
    label, 1966

    *Harry Johnson: It’s Nothing To Me (V/A God Less America/no label)
    original release date and label unknown

    *Andre Williams: Jailhouse Blues (Mr. Rhythm/Eagle)
    original 7″ released on Fortune, 1958

    *Zippo Raid: Only God (The Special Olympics of Punk Rock/self release,

    *The Kasanetz-Katz Orchestral Circus: Quick Joey Small (7″/Buddah,

    (bed) Elmer Bernstein: Staccato’s Theme (V/A Ultra Lounge, Vol. 7: The
    Crime Scene/Capitol)
    recorded for the NBC TV series “Johnny Staccato” 1959

    *The Bugs: Strangler In The Night (V/A The Polaris Records
    Story/Bacchus Archives, 1991)
    original 7″ released on Astor, 1966

    *Thee Headcoats: The Strangler Of Boston Town (Beach Bums Must
    Die/Crypt, 1990)

    *The Leaves: Hey Joe (…Are Happening!/Sundazed, 2000)
    original 7″ released on Mira, 1966

    (bed) Mustangs: Jack The Ripper (V/A Strummin’ Mental! Part One

    *Myron Lee & The Caddies: Homicide (V/A Sin Alley, Part One CD/Crypt)
    original 7″ released on the Hop label, 1958

    *Gene Maltais: Gangwar (V/A The Raging Teens, Vol. 1/Norton, 1992)
    original 7″ released on the Lilac label, 1958

    *Junior Wells: Prison Bars All Around Me (Messin’ With The Kid,
    1957-63/Chief, 1990)
    previously unreleased

    *Nathaniel Mayer: I Want Love & Affection (Not The House Of Correction)
    (Going Back To…The Village Of Love/Gold Dust, 1996)
    original 7″ released on Fortune, 1966

    (bed) The Ray Corvair Trio: The Body In The Trunk (You Think You’re
    Going To Live Foerver/self release, 1996)

    *Cheater Slicks: Murder (Destination Lonely/Dog Meat, 1991)

    *Screaming Lord Sutch & The Savages: Jack The Ripper (V/A Joe Meek, The
    Alchemist of Pop 1959-66/Castle Music, 2002)
    original 7″ released on Decca U.K., 1963

    *The Idols: Wanted By The Law (V/A Shakin’ In Athens/Sound Stories)
    original 7″ released on Parlophone, release date unknown

    *The Rogues: Wanted: Dead Or Alive (V/A Kim Fowley: Underground
    Animal/Bacchus Archives, 1999)
    original 7″ released on Living Legend records, 1965

    (bed) Ned Nash Orchestra: Hang ‘Em High (The Greatest Western Movie
    Themes/Laserlight Media, 1988)

    *The Whyte Boots: Nightmare (V/A Girls In The Garage, Pt. 1 CD/Romulan)
    original 7″ released on Philips, 1966

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