Savage Kick #25

I’m back with the 25th episode of Savage Kick… the show starts off by draggin’ you from the scum-infested streets with a set about LSD, then moves into lo-fi budget rock and stompin’ ’60s garage territory (think the Gories, Mummies, Larry & The Blue Notes, ? and The Mysterians), paying a quick visit to the land of greasy R&B (Screamin’ Joe Neal, anyone?), then into some more modern sounds (The Stems, The Insomniacs, The Fall-Outs, Billy Childish, CoCoComa) before veering off into demented slop (Menster Phip, Nervous Norvus, et al) and finally wrapping things up with a ’60s garage classic before shoving your ass back into the gutter from whence you crawled.



  1. Cro Magnon says:

    What happened to Nervous Norvus??? Forget the Brit Invasion, The Garage Invasion from anytown USA kicks some savage A** !!

  2. greg c says:

    I remember the hotdog/troll doll movie from middle school.

    Made me wanna go out and take a trip!!!

    So I did!

    …..splains alot

  3. admin says:


    LSD – A Case Study (PSA?)
    Wendell Austin – LSD
    The Fe-Fi Four Plus 2 – I Wanna Come Back (From the World of LSD)
    The Pretty Things – LSD
    The Gories – There But for the Grace of God Go I
    The Mummies – A Girl Like You
    Larry & The Blue Notes – In and Out
    Jim Jones and The Chaunteys – Baby (Get Home)
    Screamin’ Joe Neal – Rock & Roll Deacon
    ? and The Mysterians – I Need Somebody (live)
    The Stems – She’s a Monster
    The Insomniacs – Love Me to Death
    The Fall-Outs – She’s Out There
    Billy Childish – Get Out of Here Pretty Girl
    Thee Headcoats – When You Stop Loving Me
    Wild Billy Childish & The Musicians of the British Empire – Punk Rock
    at the British Legion Hall
    CoCoComa – 6 1/4 – 125 (six and a quarter – one twenty-five)
    Menster Phip and The Phipsters – Daddy Wants a Cold Beer/Jungle Hop
    Myron Lee – Fat Man
    Sur Royal Da Count & The Parliaments – Scream Mother Scream
    Nervous Norvus – The Fang
    The Sheiks – Baghdad Rock
    The New Colony Six – At the River’s Edge

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