Savage Kick #24


Every song included on this podcast was downloaded from the Podsafe Music Network, the site that supports podcasters by offering free “podsafe” music they can use on their shows. We’ll be using a lot more stuff from that site on future shows, especially if more great bands get registered over there and start uploading their shit. So this is kind of a different twist on Savage Kick, hope you dig it. I think you’ll agree that most, if not all, of this is some pretty fuckin’ great music. Tune in, turn on, and rock out…


Podsafe playlist:
The Things – She’s Trash
Lo – Black Kites
Coachwhips – Hands on the Controls
Jawbone – My Daddy
Casey Reid – Rock City
Corvinas – Su Majestad
The Jabbers – Don’t Talk to Me
Jeff Dahl – Destination Blackout
The Cripplers – I Don’t Mess Around
The Revelators – She’s My Baby Doll
The Terminals – Wild Bill’s Social Club
The Radio Knives – You’re So Hip
The Dammit Boys – The Mad Switch
Lords of Altamont – Action
Manganzoides – Mujer Boa
The Hydeouts – Ten Miles Ahead
The Gentleman Callers – Hey Little Girl
The Goldstars – It’s All About You
The Beatdowns – Disconnected Girl
The Downbeat 5 – Running in Place
Thee Minks – First Time
Long John Thomas & The Duffs – Be Cool


  1. raymond kirk says:

    tried to download savage kick 24 with my dap but keep getting the message file does not exist
    I have realy liked all the other shows they are cool like all the other shows on this web site


  2. admin says:

    Thanks for the heads-up. The server appears to be down, so it’s affecting all of the shows, not just this one. Looking into it now…

  3. George says:

    Can i send you a track of mine?
    If you send me an email i can give you a link to mp3 and wav file. No myspace or other nonse.

  4. admin says:


    No, I’d rather you upload the track to the Podsafe Music Network (that was the purpose of this show in case you missed it). Just use the link from the show post above. Then let me know when it’s ready to go and I’ll check it out. Thanks!

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